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  1. SHC-JulieK
    May 3rd Family and Friends Event!
    Who is planning on shopping the big Family and Friends Event this weekend?   Will you shop online or...
  2. achmbrln
    I just saw an old Craftsman "Jack" plane at a local antique store.
    That was a vintage tool!

    Can parts, like replacement plane irons still be ordered for the vin...
  3. boycottsears4e
    Take a look at all these complaints SEARS NEEDS TOO BE SHUT DOWN ! Stealing people's money before Christmas
    I ordered a trampoline on December 1st I CANCELLED ON THE 11th after it arrived at the store and was...
  4. Satinrichu
    Salescheck #093000042749
    Hello Sears,

    I am not sure how many mkstakes will you make when sending order to Customer. Ev...
  5. kevinl
    The oven racks in Kenmore Elite (Model 790.31043302) Fall Down and have caused burns?

    The oven racks keep falling down even when there's nothing on them. This is EXTREMELY danger...

  6. GardenTractorMan
    How to check the oil in a Craftsman yard tractor
    How do you check the oil in a Craftsman yard tractor with a Briggs Platinum engine?  My question mig...
  7. sangl_business
    Where can I make complaints regarding delivery issues?

    I had enough with Sears and I will never purchase anything from them again. I had this delivery ...

  8. ziwukim
    How to reprint return label?
    Hello, I was trying to return one product which I ordered from online store. At the final step of th...

Sears and Kmart Customers Invoice and Offers

When I go to either Sears or Kmart and pay, they usually print the invoice, and about 5 to 10 offers on Paper.  Why just no simple put a resume of the offers on the invoice and put the offers directly to the rewards card.  This would save a lot of paper.

free shipping for community members

It would be so cool to earn free shipping.

Host DIY workshops at my local Sears

I would like to learn how to change my mower blades.