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andrewdalb  -  In: Appliances
Mat1981  -  In: Appliances
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  1. Mat1981
    Ice dipencer don't work 106.56719500
    The ice maker is working fine, but when i press the door button, the auger doesn't turn. Also th...
  2. andrewdalb
    New Garage Door Remote Won't Open Older Doors
    I recently purchased and had installed a new Garage Door opener. It works great. However, I am unabl...
  3. gpierce
    795.76204.901bottom freezer refrig water out let to ice maker is blocked with ice.
    My ice maker is not filling with water even though I can hear the water valve open when pushing the ...
  4. navu.purba
    Order 956066303
    Hello, This is regarding even exchange...
  5. utz1utz
    Anybody have similar Sears Credit card promotion issues?
    Unfortunately, due to mostly applying for a Sears credit card, I was unable to order a yard tractor....
  6. tof65
    Technician number 5!!!
    Got technician number 4 last Tuesday to fix the same problem we are having couple of months now (not...