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  1. bowlesy
    Icemaker not working
    I have a sears refrigerator that is only 2 years old and the ice maker has stopped working.  The mod...
  2. nmb
    Never received my excise cycle!

    Proform 120 Recumbent Cycle. Still scheduled for delivery since March 4th. 2015. No tracking # o...
  3. rom828mrf
    why higher price for online order?
    I received an email from Sears for the Essential Bartlett table Item # 028W004889629001P Model # SS-...
  4. Jamie00716
    corporate complaint
    I really cannot beleive that Sears is treating me this way. I purchased a portable AC unit and a 5 y...
  5. GardenTractorMan
    Who can tell if a set of Craftsman wrenches is made in USA?
    I know a lot of people have discussed how a lot of the Craftsman hand tool line has already begun be...
  6. achmbrln
    Who remembers Sears Best tools?
    I found a Sears Best decal on my vintage Craftsman Circular Saw.

    The Sears Best tools represe...
  7. fourgrogies
    What a POS. Left keeper belt cracked on Sears Tractor.
    This Sears T3000 tractor is a POS.  The left keeper belt that holds the drive belt in place cracked....
  8. jts_houston
    Kenmore elite 25 refrigerator

    Around 5/15/2015 we placed a service call for water "leaking" on the sides of the wate...

Sears and Kmart Customers Invoice and Offers

When I go to either Sears or Kmart and pay, they usually print the invoice, and about 5 to 10 offers on Paper.  Why just no simple put a resume of the offers on the invoice and put the offers directly to the rewards card.  This would save a lot of paper.

free shipping for community members

It would be so cool to earn free shipping.

Host DIY workshops at my local Sears

I would like to learn how to change my mower blades.