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  1. yosemitetim
    how do I file a complaint about a fraudulent sale?
    We purchased a $1800 stainless steel fridge from Sears in La Jolla CA,  the fridge started rusting a...
  2. bonetsound
    Delivery issues

                    Every time I look in my tool boxes I think of my dad, I sure miss him greatly. O...
  3. aaronsigmon
    How do I contact Sears Corporate to file a formal complaint about a failed Appliance install?
    Sears has failed to install my new dryer 4 times now.  1st time was because I did not order the stac...
  4. coachmike67
    how do i file a complaint
    I am at my wits end with Sears. I have purchased every appliance in my home from sears and opted to ...
  5. mikeminahan
    Appliance Service Screwup
    So this is a long one, not good either...
    I called Sears Services on August 15th because my washe...
  6. CustNOserve
    How do I submit a complaint to the Office of the President for Sears?
    NEW CRAFTSMAN PRO SERIES TRACTOR IS DEFECTIVE. I bought a new Craftsman Tractor in May, mowed the la...
  7. Annet5656
    Wont return my money after not delivering their product
    I have never written a review before but I this is probably the worst experience I have ever had. Fi...
  8. goliver00 — In: All
    Top officials
    Have the top officials go under cover and call the service representatives that they hired to repres...
  9. mpmn04
    I've been waiting 5 months for my refund
    On July 10,2014 I placed a telephone order for a Lawnmower Bracket and $47.08 was charged to my Mast...
  10. olwi00
    Why have Sears moderators on here, when you see NO replies from the Customers, stating Sears solved their issue?

    It seems like the Sears employees who place answers on this site are simply here to give the impr...


Fire Sears Holding Company's customer service company

Try to find a company whose representatives don't lose long-time customers by making static sounds with their voices and hanging up on your frustrated and increasingly angry customers.