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  1. GardenTractorMan
    What is your favorite way to store your sockets?
    Do you like to store your sockets on a socket rail, a plastic box with slots, or some other way?  I ...
  2. vio_delrio
    How can I get someone to go out and repair my air conditioner today!
    Sears: I bought an air conditioner from you for a good amount of $$$$. You promised great quality in...
  3. cehomer
    How do I escalate poor customer service when honoring delivery commitments?
    I ordered a washing machine last week and selected a delivery date and time in the morning before I ...
  4. tangoshima
    Saga of misdirection: Sears installation of UV lights in HVAC
    I saw Sears Escalations Team comments on the "measueredup" website, after a helpless-sound...
  5. H8250
    Very Frustrated
    After several missed appointments and much time spent arranging them, repair went poorly and now my ...
  6. dq1205
    Not able to reschedule appointment online or 1800 # !!!
    Waiting for more than a month to repair our Kenmore refrigerator.  Finally got parts ordered...they ...
  7. GardenTractorMan
    Who can tell if a set of Craftsman wrenches is made in USA?
    I know a lot of people have discussed how a lot of the Craftsman hand tool line has already begun be...
  8. edbarb
    Copy of Extended Warranty?
    Can I get a copy of 5 Yr Extended Warranty for D.W. on Calafia Court., Tracy, CA...
  9. cutiekk17
    Problems with LP conversion/storage drawer kicks open when oven door is opened!
    I just bought a new Kenmore gas range  (Model No 79074133311) online and had it delivered i paided f...

Sears and Kmart Customers Invoice and Offers

When I go to either Sears or Kmart and pay, they usually print the invoice, and about 5 to 10 offers on Paper.  Why just no simple put a resume of the offers on the invoice and put the offers directly to the rewards card.  This would save a lot of paper.

free shipping for community members

It would be so cool to earn free shipping.

Host DIY workshops at my local Sears

I would like to learn how to change my mower blades.