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  1. ngroot
    Why are you unable to deliver my dryer?
    I ordered a dryer from you guys back on Jan. 18.  The shipping company, Central Transport, tried to ...
  2. jbo33
    Waiting on refund!
    I have been waiting for over 2 months for my refund. I returned defective furniture I ordered back i...
  3. Tina543
    Dishwasher "Repair"
    I contacted Sears for a dishwasher repair.  My appointment window was between 1-5 p.m.  The technici...
  4. Morality
    Poor Customer Service
    Rob arrived today to fix my Cabrio washing machine that was making a loud banging noise the last 4 m...
  5. sangl_business
    Where can I make complaints regarding delivery issues?

    I had enough with Sears and I will never purchase anything from them again. I had this delivery ...

  6. Helpmeornot
    How to post
    I have been trying to swap out my laundry center since September. I bought a Kenmore laundry center ...
  7. tstell1
    Horrible rude service!
    New dryer installed that worked two weeks.  Store manager was rude and condiscending and GE was not ...
  8. david_mollere
    Why is store 5647 chargeing the wrong tax code .
    Why is store 4657 charging 9% tax when it is 8% tax ...
  9. Kelly.JFD
    Repair costing more than quoted
    1 week ago a Sears technician was unable to order a walking belt for my treadmill. He found me the p...

Fire Sears Holding Company's customer service company

Try to find a company whose representatives don't lose long-time customers by making static sounds with their voices and hanging up on your frustrated and increasingly angry customers.