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  1. Webimom
    Are the Kenmore HE frontloading washer machines made to quit working after only a year almost to the day the warranty expires ?
    Our Kenmore Elite HE front load washing machine is broken. We purchased it a year ago from Sears and...
  2. aratnam
    How do I get my porch door installed correctly after one year of waiting and 3 "wrong" deliveries?
    We ordered replacement and installation of our porch doors a year ago. It's still under warranty...
  3. gglofgran91
    Sears 40% Military Discount:
    This is one of the biggest frauds perpetrated against soldiers.  There's virtually NOTHING avail...
  4. RobertOscar
    How do I speak with someone in a position of authority who is able to directly address a repair issue and solve it?
    I am finding it impossible to find anyone at Sears that either cares enough or has the ability to do...
  5. jshear01
    Military discount
    Will the Memorial Day double military discount apply to lawn and garden equipment as well as tools? ...
  6. ChuckgioCg9441367
    How do I explain my problem?
    My wife liked the Everlast Martha White Sneakers but they didnt have the white 10 MEDIUM in stock at...

Clarify your return policy

I usually purchase my clothes at Lands End. Recently, a few outfits in the regular section of my local Sears store caught my eye so I ended up purchasing several items.  I've happily worn all but one item which I decided after 30 days was too big (never worn).  I tried to return it and was told in the store and on the customer service line that the computer wouldn't allow them to process a return implying the reason was my returning the item at 33 days since purchase.  The return policy on my receipt said "varies depending upon the item purchased".  This is vague and not customer friendly.  I am truly astonished that a computer is the final judge on whether an item can be returned and there is no override possible by a store manager.  I don't really care about the jacket.  I'm just glad my lesson on your arbitrary return policy was only $26.  I guess in the era of declining retail sales, I better spend my money at Macy's.


My husband has a speed lok drill and driver set that was bought awhile ago. Took it to our local sears store in Appleton, WI. The clerk would not replace the  piece that was broke, and the manager Michelle S. refused also. Called customer service and was told it is covered under warranty. The store still refuses. I want to know how I can escalate this problem?