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  1. robinmarx
    Oven repair - damage waiver
    We purchased all new kitchen appliances from Sears last December.  The very expensive Kenmore Elite ...
  2. hvalentine
    Worst Customer service award for 20116
    Went to my local Sears store to purchase two items.  Was told they would order it through ...
  3. louisportman
    Replacement. Sears warranty not worth the paper it is written on!!
    My 4 year old Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator has been out since the 25th of June. After havi...
  4. captain-janeway
    How to get anywhere with nightmare customer service for repairs.
    Your phone agents were polite, but your system is set up so they can't really help resolve any c...
  5. Jonathanhsnyder31
    Washing machine warranty repair
    I am a Disabled OEF Combat Veteran who bought a washing machine ($600) from a Sears Outlet store les...
  6. Fred Manry
    5 Must-Have Appliances for Your Dorm
    With the back-to-school season nearly upon us, millions of students going to college will move into ...
  7. shawn02110
    What do I do about a Sears store employee stealing my online pickup order?
    This question was asked before ( but ...
  8. Babie71
    File a complaint
    Below is what I am going to post to consumers b/c I was not treated as a valued customer. I buy ALL ...
  9. Mtem
    What happened to the option to remove Sears credit card promotions at checkout?
    For a short while, there were options on the checkout page to use or not use qualifying Sears credit...

Fire Sears Holding Company's customer service company

Try to find a company whose representatives don't lose long-time customers by making static sounds with their voices and hanging up on your frustrated and increasingly angry customers.