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how about honoring your promises

I recently made a number of purchases, unfortunately sears has not honored their promise for price guarantee.   2 days later one purchase went on sale for $178 lower in price yet Sears will not adjust the price.  This lack of honoring their own policy is very disturbing.

Dear Sirs
I am writing to you to inform you of the lack of customer service your 1-800 number is offering.  There is a level of incompetence there that I believe you should be aware of.   It certainly would explain a lack of customer loyalty if this is the way people are trained to treat customers.  While the people did say thank you and spoke politely they did not address the issue at hand.  

I have long been a craftsman fan and am beginning to replace a number of my tools that I lost in a pole barn fire. However, if sears fails to follow their policy of 30 day price guarantee I may have to become a Kobalt or Snap On fan.

I have purchased a 500 piece mechanics tool set at 599 and had some points that took it to 566 on 7/23/16, in fact I received it very timely and was pleased with everything except the failure to honor the price guarantee.  Within 36 hours of my purchase this same set was 421 late night on 7/24 early 7/25 (I was purchasing other tools).   At the time I noticed the price change I submitted a form for a price adjustment on line.  By 7/28 I had not had a response to my price adjustment form so, I called the 1-800 number at 10:27 am (ET).  I initially spoke to Kim who insisted that the price had to be at the reduced price when I call customer service or they cannot make a price adjustment.  At my insistence to speak to some one with authority she transferred me to a case manager named Jerry.  Jerry reported the exact same thing, so I asked to speak to someone with more authority and he indicated that he would get a supervisor.  However no supervisor was available so Jerry said he would have one call me back within 2 hours - he refused to give me a direct line to the supervisor and insisted that one would call me.  That did not happen.  4 hours later at 2:48 I called again and spoke to Miller.  I advised Miller that I needed to speak to a supervisor and he connected me to Nellie who was not a supervisor but a case manager.  Nellie gave me the same information and when I asked to speak to a supervisor or whoever is above her she indicated that no one was available at that time.  I asked how many supervisors are there and she said several but they were all busy on other calls.  I then asked to speak to someone who has real authority and not tell me the same thing she did and she indicated they would all the same.  That is when she, at my insistence provided the email for corporate customer service.  

Bottom line.  I made a purchase on line at Sears, within 48 hours the price was reduced and I was not given a price adjustment as indicated on line.  My online purchase and activity will show that I did make purchases during the special sale day and ans such demonstrate that I was aware of the sale price.  If this adjustment is not made not only have you lost a long time craftsman fan (40 years) but I will talk to many of my friends and express the same not to mention all of the new tools that I have to replace being purchased elsewhere.

My hope was to make you aware of something that I have trouble believing Sears/Craftsman supports.  Of course I would like the price adjustment so that I can feel confident in further business dealings with Sears.

Thank you for the time
Steven Brown

Sat, Jul 23, 2016 

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Fire Sears Holding Company's customer service company

Try to find a company whose representatives don't lose long-time customers by making static sounds with their voices and hanging up on your frustrated and increasingly angry customers.