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    horrible service, horrible product
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    Kenmore Elite Fridge Icemaker
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  3. constancejackson06
    I did an review on 1/07/2016 and it stated that I would receive 5.00 in points for the review, I hav...
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    How do I submit a complaint to the Office of the President for Sears Holdings about

    Bought a Warehouse of Tiffany chandelier from online in Sept 2012. never used it. want...

  5. sangl_business
    Where can I make complaints regarding delivery issues?

    I had enough with Sears and I will never purchase anything from them again. I had this delivery ...

  6. skquimby5
    washer and dryer not delivered
    My husband and I went into Sears on Monday and ordered a washer and dryer. we recieved a confirmatio...
  7. mrohanrn
    How do I file a formal complaint?

    Please be advised that I would like to file a formal complaint regarding the service I have rece...


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In case you are wondering why no one wants to shop at sears its because your customer service is horrific.  Purchased an RCA tv plus the warranty from sears.  Began having issues with the picture coming on but had sound.  Contacted sears warranty and trouble shooted over the phone.  Customer service agent stated she was having parts shipped to my home but earliest I could get a technician was two (2) weeks out.  Called customer service 2 days prior to my scheduled appointment to notify I hadn't received parts.  The IDIOT I spoke with this time stated parts weren't ordered and I probably had the tv set to sound mode only. Given my career involves trouble shooting computers and that the first rep & I had already gone through their procedure, I'm certain that isn't the case.  Technician arrives on scheduled day recognizes there's a problem and asks did they ship the parts.  "no they didn't". So, he now has to order and I now have to wait for them to come in, contact him and arrange to TAKE TIME OFF FROM WORK for him to come back to repair.  I am done! Will NEVER shop at sears again.  Just thought you should know why your holdings are in the toilet and needing to close so many stores!

Fire Sears Holding Company's customer service company

Try to find a company whose representatives don't lose long-time customers by making static sounds with their voices and hanging up on your frustrated and increasingly angry customers.