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  1. Mtem
    Store hours on the Sears mobile website need to be updated.
    It's time to replace my old Kenmore Elite washer and dryer, but the Sears store I bought them at...
  2. olwi00
    Why have Sears moderators on here, when you see NO replies from the Customers, stating Sears solved their issue?

    It seems like the Sears employees who place answers on this site are simply here to give the impr...

  3. maloneywriting
    Why can't I see any of my online orders?
    Why? I log on, and according to YOU *****S, I have made no online orders, EVER. I made an online ord...
  4. nos4h22as
    Kenmore refrigerator mod# 596.723834113-door ice maker stopped working
     the last couple days refrigerator ice maker stopped making ice, and now it seems the food is going ...
  5. gerrifref
    My Kenmore Hot water tank
    I was delivered a tank that was quite damaged.  Due to the fact that I was not working and had to bo...

Fire Sears Holding Company's customer service company

Try to find a company whose representatives don't lose long-time customers by making static sounds with their voices and hanging up on your frustrated and increasingly angry customers.