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    where is my refund??
    Hi Customer Care Officer
    I am struggling for refund on following orders. Reason for refund: eithe...
  2. jameskuhnert
    oven rack fall
    UNBELIEVABLE! How many people are going to have the same issue before SEARS man's up and does th...
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    Activeon Camera Review
    Capturing bike rides, action photos and even a surf trip is easier than ever with action cameras. Wi...
  4. johnandmichelev
    Non Customer Service
    My order of a refiggerator was promised for delivery by 21 April and a week later I'm still wait...
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    How to Remove Odor from Your Car
    As careful as I am in my car, certain things can leave a terrible odor inside it. Sure, I hit the re...
  6. mostfrustrated1
    How do you get service on maint. agreement
    I have gotten the run around on having a flat tire fixed on my mower. Was told a tech would be out A...
  7. SHC-JulieK
    May Family and Friends Event!
    Who is ready for big savings to get your summer started right? We are happy to announce our May Fam...
  8. kevinl
    The oven racks in Kenmore Elite (Model 790.31043302) Fall Down and have caused burns?

    The oven racks keep falling down even when there's nothing on them. This is EXTREMELY danger...

  9. FrustratedDadOfOne
    We have been through the complete process - Kenmore Elite dishwasher leaked due to faulty motor, wat...

Sears and Kmart Customers Invoice and Offers

When I go to either Sears or Kmart and pay, they usually print the invoice, and about 5 to 10 offers on Paper.  Why just no simple put a resume of the offers on the invoice and put the offers directly to the rewards card.  This would save a lot of paper.

free shipping for community members

It would be so cool to earn free shipping.

Host DIY workshops at my local Sears

I would like to learn how to change my mower blades.