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  1. grost1km
    I want to contact someone in higher authority that actually cares about their customers. Please
    I am looking to talk to someone at sears who actually cares about their customers. I am not looking ...
  2. syntaxerr66
    Yet ANOTHER Kenmore Gas Grill with a rusted firebox
    I, as many others, have a Kenmore grill that I've owned for 3 years with a rusted out tray in th...
  3. ameliacole88
    I want to contact someone in higher authority! Nothing is getting done!
    Below is my yelp review. This is the best way to explain our waste of time at Sears today:...
  4. David2016zz
    Another Kenmore Gas Grill that has rusted through
    I went to use my Kenmore 14816154 Gas Grill this weekend and noticed that I could see straight throu...
  5. billcannady
    how can I lodge a complaint on the corporate level?
    Customer service is not resolving my issue on a timely basis. Wishing to take this to a corporate le...
  6. mntantum
    How do I submit a complaint to the Office of the President for Sears Holdings about

    Bought a Warehouse of Tiffany chandelier from online in Sept 2012. never used it. want...

  7. Wsimpsonx2
    Sears will not honor a MSA
    I have a maintenance agreement on my dishwasher. The cover on the control panel is cracked in two ar...
  8. cblack201
    Terrible customer service
    4 years ago we purchased a high end mattress from Sears. The bed began to sag and a warranty claim w...
  9. peterkahan
    who do i talk to about a power washer that has never worked correctly?
    Bought  "Pressure washer #580.752870" in 6/13
    Used 2x that year, worked fine
    at end ...
  10. genevazilinsky
    How to post on this site?
    I have had the most HORRIBLE experience with Sears Repair.  I have a Grab and Go...


My husband has a speed lok drill and driver set that was bought awhile ago. Took it to our local sears store in Appleton, WI. The clerk would not replace the  piece that was broke, and the manager Michelle Sippl refused also. Called customer service and was told it is covered under warranty. The store still refuses. I want to know how I can escalate this problem?

The way to improve online shopping at sears is not to buy from them anymore

I bought several dresses from sears online (order # 971532082) and when i recieved them they looked nothing like what was advertised. Sears was the mediator but the seller was a company called US Fairytailes. When buying the items online there was only one link that said RETURNS and it did not direct me to companys website return policy but apparently to sears policies which are very different. As soon as I received the dresses home, I called sears for return because the dresses did not look at all like what was on the picture. Sears said they had to contact the company, and the company sent me a return label not including shipping. I called sears to find out why I had not recieved a paid shipping label for the return they said the same thing, they will contact the company.  After many many many calls and emails to sears, they respond that shipping cannot be waived because when going to the merchants web site the policies mentioned that shipping was not covered. Of course when buying the item the sears web site does not say this, does not direct you to the merchant web site and the return policy link shows a diferrent policy which is not the merchants policy. After 2 months of comunication, dicussions and repeating my story to every single sears representative I gave up and I paid for sipping to send the dresses back. A month after, I sent an email to Sears becasue I had not received any refunds, sears contacted the merchant and I recieved a partial refund of the original cost. Today I called sears after sending them two emails on this and they are telling that the merchant website also says they charge a restocking fee. ...this is totally unaceptable. Sears washes its hands with the costumers compaints, saying that they are not the direct sellers, they are always lost and with a different excuse and worst of all when selling the item on their website they have the wrong return information.  .....My conclusion:........ to improve online service with sears costumers have to stop BUYING from sears online.....definately I won't.