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    How to Troubleshoot a Gas Grill
    If you’re ready to grill with a plate of uncooked food, nothing is more frustrating than your grill ...
  2. SHC-JulieK
    Have you started planting your garden?
    The weather has been pretty awful in the Chicago area the last few weeks, so we have not been able t...
  3. Sueb71361
    I would like to contact Eddie Lampert regarding my complaints with Sears service
    We have a Sears water heater. The thermo coupler went out and we had a technician out to repair it o...
  4. GardenTractorMan
    Where can I find the current Craftsman tools catalog?
    Sears appears to have realeased newer versions of their websites and now I cannot find the latest on...
  5. aggelath
    I own a business in Greece that installs garage doors. A customer of mine bought the garage door ope...
  6. SHC Ron-Expert
    Snowblower Repair and Maintenance
    In the midst of a long winter, you never know when the next snowfall is going to come your way. Negl...

Sears and Kmart Customers Invoice and Offers

When I go to either Sears or Kmart and pay, they usually print the invoice, and about 5 to 10 offers on Paper.  Why just no simple put a resume of the offers on the invoice and put the offers directly to the rewards card.  This would save a lot of paper.

free shipping for community members

It would be so cool to earn free shipping.

Host DIY workshops at my local Sears

I would like to learn how to change my mower blades.