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  1. SHC-ScottD
    How to Fix a Garbage Disposal
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    Air Purifiers and Humidifiers: Which Do You Need?
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  3. montrlam
    Kenmore Elite refrigerator 795.79753
    Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator 795.79753 The "ice room" door is frozen shut. Need help in...
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    What to Do If Your Washing Machine Won't Spin
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  5. Cathydes
    Where do I register a complaint about a washing machine repair?
    On March 14 I called to arrange for a repair on my washing machine.  After purchasing a home warrant...
  6. Satinrichu
    Order # 808182667
    Hi Sears Team,<br><br>Dont know why is so frequent issues are laid for every order. I ordered # 8081...
  7. kevinl
    The oven racks in Kenmore Elite (Model 790.31043302) Fall Down and have caused burns?
    <p>The oven racks keep falling down even when there&#39;s nothing on them. This is EXTREMELY danger...
  8. lmileski
    So, I am told the HE front loaders only use 11.2 gallons of water. How in the world would that work to get your clothes clean?
    <p>Because my clothes were not coming clean and smelled terrible, a technician came out yesterday to...


Sears has poor warranty on their own products, Give you the first year parts and labor but only 9 years on parts and they try to force you to use their service to preform the repair...ILLEGAL action.... Consumer Protection act section 102(c) "Prohibits a condition that the consumer use only service (labor) identified by the warrantor to install the replacement parts. A warrantor or his designated representive may not provide parts under the warranty in a manner which impeads or precludes the choice by the consumer of the person or business to preform necassary labor to install such parts"
Why have a self help section and troubleshooting in owners manuals if the consumer can not get a part for an item that is defective and under a manufactures parts warranty.....
Sears has lost a 30+ year customer.........

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