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    Sears is in Breach of Warranty on Kenmore Elite Dishwasher
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    Kenmore connect filter priblem
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    How to reprint return label?
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    Deficient part and illegally forcing customers to use Sears service
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    Where do I register a complaint about a washing machine repair?
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    Order # 808182667
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    Kenmore Elite refrigerator 795.79753
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    How to Fix a Garbage Disposal
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Sears has poor warranty on their own products, Give you the first year parts and labor but only 9 years on parts and they try to force you to use their service to preform the repair...ILLEGAL action.... Consumer Protection act section 102(c) "Prohibits a condition that the consumer use only service (labor) identified by the warrantor to install the replacement parts. A warrantor or his designated representive may not provide parts under the warranty in a manner which impeads or precludes the choice by the consumer of the person or business to preform necassary labor to install such parts"
Why have a self help section and troubleshooting in owners manuals if the consumer can not get a part for an item that is defective and under a manufactures parts warranty.....
Sears has lost a 30+ year customer.........

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