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  1. nadberazny
    Why isn't my water dispenser/ice maker working?
    Kenmore Elite Refrigerator model 106.5177. There was a power outage. After power returned, the ice m...
  2. npatel1
    Rewards points for purchase review
    I have submitted reviews for 3 separate items, fulfilling all relevant/approved detail, but still ha...
  3. manniesm
    Kenmore(LG)795.77564600. Food freezing in refrigerator portion.
    795.77564600  Kenmore(LG) Trio.  5-6 weeks ago, food in the refrigerator portion began to freeze. Tu...
  4. Barb Gonzalez
    How to Mount a TV
    Flat screen TVs look better when mounted on a wall; it frees up space in your living room or bedroom...
  5. madgolfer
    How much snow do you have?
    <img alt="Living in a snow globe!" src="/servlet/rtaImage?eid=906i0000000Wccl&amp;feoid=Body&amp;ref...
  6. Kris Wetherbee
    Organize Your Tool Shed
    Through the years I've learned that indoor closets, kitchen pantries, and outdoor sheds share many c...
  7. barbwestbrook
    kenmore #106.58026801 water not dispensing and ice maker not getting water
    About a week ago the water cut down to a trickle out of the door and the icemaker cubes have become ...
  8. SHC-laurelS
    They gave, together we can give back! Will you help?
    <p>Sears begins gearing up it&#39;s Heroes at Home spring renovation and fundraising campaign in Sea...
  9. SHC-JulieK
    What kind of camera do you use?
    Do you have a camera, or do you use your phone?  Right now, I only use my phone, which is actually r...

Customer Service

Sears MUST speed up the check-out process for the customer. There are WAY too many questions asked and the process is made even slower by the lack of speed of the terminats (cash registers). If an iPad is used, the process is lengthened by about 50%. I left my job at Sears as a sales consultant because I did not want to lower my level of customer service to the level that Sears wanted me to perform.

Craftman Tools Workshops

Living in Puerto Rico, there are many tools from craftman.  They should give workshops on using the diferents tools and the application they have buliding and renovating and specially, using them on concrete walls or PVC boards.

free shipping for community members

It would be so cool to earn free shipping.