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Tips for Using a Snow Blower
Whether you’re the proud new owner or a first-time user of a snow blower, you may be eager for some snowfall to try out your new best friend, but there are some things to know first. It might seem simple enough to operate, but be aware that there are more ...Read more
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Kenmore Products Named Best of Year 2015
It's always nice to be recognized, and we want to share the good news with you!
Health and Fitness
Keep Up With Your Workouts This Holiday Season
The holidays are nearly upon us. As you begin the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, do you tend to skip your workouts? It's easy to talk yourself into foregoing the gym, forgetting about your daily run or telling your buddies that you're just ...Read more
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Appliances, Home
How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances
Many people love stainless steel appliances for the elegant yet modern look they can add to any kitchen, but its visual appeal is best enjoyed when kept clean. Smudgy fingerprints, food stains, and dust can not only make your stainless steel appliances lo ...Read more

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    Sears does not have a retur policy that works...
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    Where can I make complaints regarding delivery issues?

    I had enough with Sears and I will never purchase anything from them again. I had this delivery ...

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    Delivery Issues
    Helping my grandma. She bought over $8,400 in appliances 2 months ago. Delivery has been a nightmare...
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    Supply Chain
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    Kenmore Elite dryer filter wrecking clothes
    My kenmore elite dryer is ruining my clothes because the lint screen appears warped. Or the housing ...
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    Kenmore Elite 106.51159111 freezer doorway switches
    I have a Kenmore Elite 106.51159111 there are two switches in the top of the freezer doorway that th...
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