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Health and Fitness
How to Buy a Bike
Are you ready to hit the open road this summer on a brand-new bicycle? If so, you're in for one of the most exciting ways to exercise, enjoy the great outdoors and transport yourself from place to place. Before you dive right in and buy a shiny new bike, ...Read more
Health and Fitness
Bike Accessories for Style and Safety
Biking is a sport, a pastime and a mode of transportation. If you bike for any or all of these reasons, you know how good getting on your bike and hitting the road can make you feel. Most bicycles come with a lot of cool features, right from the manufactu ...Read more
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What is the Best Car Wax?
Once spring is in full bloom, I like to pull out all sorts of detailing supplies and wash my car almost every other weekend. When I'm finished scrubbing and rinsing my ride, I always put on a fresh coat of wax to make it shine. Whether you own a sweet sil ...Read more
Nakamichi Bluetooth Headphones Review
When you're on-the-go as much as I am, having a quality set of headphones is the key to surviving a long train ride home. I've gone through a countless number of over-the-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, standard earbuds and earbuds with interchangeable ...Read more

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    Have you started planting your garden?
    The weather has been pretty awful in the Chicago area the last few weeks, so we have not been able t...
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    File a complaint
    Where can I go to file a complaint against the customer service department and appliance repair depa...
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    Credit for reviews
    Hello I need help again getting points for my reviews done since the last time I reached out on here...
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    How can I get in touch with an actual manager from Sears about the total disregard in customer service I've recieved?
    I have spent well over 10 hours on the phone trying to find solutions, and I'm done speaking wit...