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August Family and Friends Event!
Take advantage of the August Family and Friends Event to stock up on items for Fall and Back to school! We have tons of great deals on back to school apparel, lawn and garden, home appliances, mattresses and more!
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Appliances, Home
5 Must-Have Appliances for Your Dorm
With the back-to-school season nearly upon us, millions of students going to college will move into a dormitory or suite. Learning to live in this new setting can be a challenge on its own, but it can be even harder without the convenience of a full kitch ...Read more
Health and Fitness
3 Water Workouts to Do in the Summer
The sunshine of summer can make for a fun time outdoors, but what happens when it gets too hot? Although some people love the heat and seem unfazed by triple-digit temperatures, an extended period of high humidity and hot weather during the peak of the su ...Read more
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10 Tools to Include in Your Tool Set
Whether you're a new homeowner or just want to be able to fix things around the house, having a proper tool set is essential. Although there are a whole range of tools that will help you with just about any task, there are a few that are must-haves to kee ...Read more

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  1. nos4h22as
    Kenmore refrigerator mod# 596.723834113-door ice maker stopped working
     the last couple days refrigerator ice maker stopped making ice, and now it seems the food is going ...
  2. gerrifref
    My Kenmore Hot water tank
    I was delivered a tank that was quite damaged.  Due to the fact that I was not working and had to bo...
  3. eric
    Sears Home Services Unbelieveable Complaint
    "Sears does not put their customers first".  I have evidence that's true.

    My ne...
  4. mike.winebrenner
    In-door ice maker not working, not getting power at all.
    Kenmore 106.51133210

    It stopped working with ice still in the tray. I thought it was probably...
  5. olwi00
    Why have Sears moderators on here, when you see NO replies from the Customers, stating Sears solved their issue?

    It seems like the Sears employees who place answers on this site are simply here to give the impr...

  6. joeldwood
    A letter to Edward Lampert, Sears CEO
    A Letter to Edward Lampert, Sears CEO Dear Ed: It's okay if I call you Ed, right? After all, ...