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Health and Fitness
3 Water Workouts to Do in the Summer
The sunshine of summer can make for a fun time outdoors, but what happens when it gets too hot? Although some people love the heat and seem unfazed by triple-digit temperatures, an extended period of high humidity and hot weather during the peak of the su ...Read more
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10 Tools to Include in Your Tool Set
Whether you're a new homeowner or just want to be able to fix things around the house, having a proper tool set is essential. Although there are a whole range of tools that will help you with just about any task, there are a few that are must-haves to kee ...Read more
Health and Fitness
5 Items to Keep in Your Gym Bag at All Times
Gym bags can be a life saver when it comes to getting in and out of the gym as fast and as comfortably as possible. With a gym bag, it's easy to always make sure you’ve brought the essentials with you. Whether you are heading to the gym in the early morni ...Read more
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Home, Tools
Tips for Buying a Ladder
With home ownership comes a certain amount of chores and responsibilities. One of the items you'll want to think about for keeping around the house is a ladder. From putting up holiday lights to cleaning the gutters, this is one item that will come in han ...Read more

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  1. bruce_carpenter
    Repair service
    Worst repair service EVER ! I submitted a request for 'repair' service to have my refrigerat...
  2. Taylor.philip
    Kenmore elite refrigerator water dispenser not working when filter is installed
    Hello.  I have a Kenmore Elite side by side with a water filter installed in the base model 9030 (re...
  3. dlip
    "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" does not make me feel like a valued customer. .
    We recently purchased a mattress, box spring, bed frame ,and headboard from SEARS. All items were de...
  4. louisportman
    Replacement. Sears warranty not worth the paper it is written on!!
    My 4 year old Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator has been out since the 25th of June. After havi...
  5. dvrags
    a Sears Kenmore Elite with the slim ice maker in the door. The ice maker makes ice but will not dispense either cubed or crushed ice.
    I have a Sears Kenmore Elite with the slim ice maker in the door. The ice maker makes ice but will n...
  6. mkwesley
    It's me again!!!
    So here we are again. Yet another tech is at my house right now saying that the same part needs to b...
  7. pottstc76
    Why does sears fail to honor my warranty?
    I purchased a home in May 2016.   The home was remodeled in 2015 and sat vacant for more than 6 mont...