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How to Freshen Up Your Refrigerator
Do you ever notice a funky smell coming from your refrigerator or freezer? Since it's where we keep our most perishable food, it's a good idea to clean out both your refrigerator and freezer at least a couple of times each year. Here are a few tips for ho ...Read more
Health and Fitness
Pros and Cons of Using a Balance Ball
When you think about your workout routine, balance training may not be the first style of training that comes to mind. Working on your balance doesn't make your muscles more toned or your abs show, but it does contribute to your overall fitness. In realit ...Read more
Health and Fitness
4 Stretches for Hikers
With summer approaching, you’re probably eager to spend some time enjoying nature. If you’re an avid hiker, you probably daydream of tough trails, rocks, and streams, backpacks and canteens and beautiful views. Because hiking puts us in touch with the gre ...Read more
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How to Prevent Freezer Burn
Having a freezer can be a lifesaver. Freezers allow you to keep all kinds of different foods edible in your home for several months, so you can prepare what you need when you need it. However, when you store food in your freezer improperly, you run the ri ...Read more

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    I would like to actually talk to someone who can get me answers on a washing machine that literally had the top blow off during a cycle.
    My wife bought a Kenmore Elite washer in Nov 2010 and up to alt Sunday, it worked well.  She loaded ...
  2. Paddymc
    How to test ice maker for model 106.51143112?
    It is not making ice, unless I manually add water to the ice mold, then it cycles a batch, but won&#...
    This isn't a question but feedback due to lack of response on a situation that has playout out f...
  4. grost1km
    I want to contact someone in higher authority that actually cares about their customers. Please
    I am looking to talk to someone at sears who actually cares about their customers. I am not looking ...
  5. mommy4nmae
    I would like to talk to someone from Sears that can actually resolve my issue without a run around
    I have been trying to get help from Sears for almost a month now. We purchased a product thinking th...
  6. kdharhamm
    How to get some help with returning a Lawnmower purchased on line. I want to register a complaint with the customer cares dept and rthe CEO
    I have called the sears store and gotten an answering machine who sends me to a national office, I t...
  7. Ron Hawkins
    How to Freshen Up Your Refrigerator
    Do you ever notice a funky smell coming from your refrigerator or freezer? Since it's where we keep ...
  8. ajchihuahua
    Missing Points
    I got an email saying that I would receive 1,000 points for completing products reviews on my purcha...
  9. billcannady
    how can I lodge a complaint on the corporate level?
    Customer service is not resolving my issue on a timely basis. Wishing to take this to a corporate le...