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Health and Fitness
3 Beach Workouts to Try This Summer
When you think of the summertime, hot sun, warm weather and the beach are a few things that surely come to mind. There's nothing better than laying out and getting a tan (using plenty of sun block, of course,) on a bright summer day. There’s nothing more ...Read more
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Home, Outdoor
Xeriscaping Your Lawn to Save Water
The summer heat of July and August will begin to make the springtime yard work that was such a pleasure become a dread. The monthly water bill makes you wince. You were eager to do the lawn at the beginning of the season, but now it seems more of a pain ...Read more
Health and Fitness
Working Out While on the Road
Family vacations are one of the best things about summertime. When school is in session, it can seem like summer may never arrive, but it's time for you and your family to hit the road and have some much needed fun time. If you're an avid exerciser, you m ...Read more
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Appliances, Home
Ways to Use Your Shop Vacuum
Most homes have a shop vacuum in the garage, but did you know there are some crazy uses for these handy units other than vacuuming the garage? Here are some great ideas for alternative uses, and also some things that I never would have considered a shop v ...Read more