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My husband and I purchased a Whirlpool washing maching. We purchased an extended warranty. About six weeks ago, the washer broke to the point it was unusable. We called in for service. It was still under warranty, and an appointment was set up. A technician came out to assess the machine. He ordered several parts, and set up a return visit. When he returned, he found that we had not received all of the parts. We were told at this time to call back when we got the remainder of the parts, and then an appointment would be set up for repair. (2 days were taken off of work at this point). The part did not come, and a few weeks had passed. We found out that there was an open recall with Whirlpool, and Sears told us Whirlpool was sending the part. The delay continued. In retrospect, we should not have been so patient! From the beginning, Sears' inability to communicate with Whirlpool caused us a huge delay. The repair had ought to have been done already! However, we continued to be patient. Finally the part arrived, and a repair appointment was set up. The tech came back out. (Three days off of work). He did work on the machine, and left. When we tried to run the washer after this, water poured out and flooded our upstairs laundry room! Another call was placed to Sears. At this time, my husband was informed that due to our repeated inconvenience, our warranty was being extended three months. We were appreciative of the kind gesture. Another service appointment was set up. The machine was evaluated (four days off of work now) and more parts were ordered. The repair was set for today. However, the technician did not come at the aggreed upon time. Later, when my husband called to see where he was, we were informed the tech came at 9AM and tried to call. 1. We instructed them to call my husband, and they called my phone. I am in patient care, and don't have my phone with me at work. This was a repeated problem throughout, as they could not consistently call the number requested). 2. My husband was outside putting our daughter on the bus at 9AM and did not see the technician. So today was day five taken off of work, a fifth day wasted. We have now been pushed off until Thursday. We have not had a functional washer in SIX WEEKS. We do not have any more time to spare. Thursday will mark six days taken off of work to accomodate repairs/assessments. We cannot continue to do this. We are out of time. This is unacceptable. I called Sears tonight to try to explain our position and spoke to five people. The first person repeatedly told me "just wait until the techs come, ma'am". The second transferred me. The third disconnected me (maybe an accident). I called and got a fourth person. She told me that the reason we are not eligible for replacement is because the service order was signed off as complete after the first repair. SOMEONE SIGNED OFF ON WORK THAT WAS NOT DONE CORRECTLY. The tech did not stay and make sure it worked. Yet, he signed off as completed, and thus in Sears' eyes, completed our Warranty. So here we are, SIX WEEKS later, with a washer that is still broken. A washer that was called in under a valid warranty. In six weeks' time, sears has not been able to provide us with good enough service to repair the machine. I asked the fifth person I spoke to if it was acceptable to Sears that a customer who has paid for an extended warranty should be without a working appliance for six weeks. She said no, it was not. I asked why nothing was being done to resolve the issue. She said that we were out of warranty. I told her that #1, we were told the warranty was extended (there is no record of this), and #2, the order should not have been closed as the machine has never been repaired! I continued to ask for solutions, and that call was disconnected. I'm not sure if it was accidental, or more that she felt she was never going to get me off of the phone. So here I am, six weeks into this mess, with the same broken machine I called in under a valid warranty six weeks ago, still non-functional. Until today, I have never asked for a replacement. My family has been more than patient! Flat out- we have paid several hundred dollars for a service contract, only to lose money by missing work! No one has been able to get us parts in a timely manner or fix the machine. This is not ok and is the epitome of poor service. Someone please help us. We paid for someone to help us, and deserve way better than this! 
 I purchased a mattress 2 weeks ago and tried to exchange it becuase the comfort level was not the same as I tried in the local sears store so im guessing they had the tags wrong on the mattresses at the store becuase when it arrived i emideatlly noticed it was not the same one tried in the store. So I Called customer service which i got some one that could not understand and had a hard time speaking english so i strugled thru and finally said i would be contacted in 24 to 48 hours about the exchange date and delivery! So i wanted and never heard back so I called again and again I get another person that had problems speaking english so i stugle thru this person to find out the first customer service rep did not evan attemt to put my exchange in the system so she proceds to tell me she will put it in and takes all my info and says i will be contacted in 24 to 48 hours but to no avail no one calls again for the second time!! So I search for a diffrent customers service number to call and i finall reach somebody that speaks engish from the US so he looks up my name and tells me he don't see any info on me calling 2 times before so now he takes all my infor and proceds to tell me I have to have the matress in my house for 30 days to try and adjust to it!! I new in the first 5 minutes it was not the right bed that I tried in the store. So he proceeds to tell me thire is nothing I could do and there is no one above him to talk to! So be warned SEARS does not Value it's customers at all Once they Got your money Kiss all the nice customer service talk good bye!!!!! 
I just purchased the Garden Tractor model 917.98645 which is a Pro model 54" 26 HP mower.

I have mowed my lawn once and two of the blade lock/dust caps fell off.  So I called the local Sears and they told me they are not needed.  Next I called 1-888-331-4569 and told its a safety measure but not needed. 

Google the issue and this site had someone with a similar issue stating they should order replacement caps.

The manual says to put them back on and replace broken/cracked one.

A few points:
  1. If it is for safety - why is local Sears and the 888 number telling me they are not needed?
  2. If I don't need it - why does the manual say to have it?
If I can not get a straight answer I am returning this for a refund.
Recently, I have had the single worst customer service experience ever with Sears.  I brought in my lawn mower for repair five weeks ago today and after many phone conversations, online communications and emails with customer service representatives, I finally learned today that my mower was finally located.  I was transferred by phone to offices that were closed, sent written requests forward with no response and generally treated quite disrespectfully.  I'd be willing to put up with that if I could get authoritative information or timely service.  Instead, I've missed five weeks of mowing during prime mowing season.  And the effect on my lawn--something I typically take pride in--is the worst part of this.  No one, not one person, was willing to help me through all of this.  And when I suggested that my mower should now be repaired at the expense of Sears, I got no response whatsoever.
Judging by the volume and type of items being submitted here, it is clear that Sears has a serious customer service problem. This wasn't known to me at first and likely isn't known to many.  As the result of my experience, however, I fully intend to use every means available to let people know about what happened with me.  Complaint utilities like this one have limited value in terms of informing people.  But I expect that LinkedIn and Facebook will be more useful along these lines.
I would like to submit a complaint about a phone rep. VERY RUDE and inflammed the situation so badly that I was crying and screaming for his supervisor. He FINALLY (after 5mins or more of me demanding to speak to his supervisor) "put me on hold" and hung up on me. Not suprisingly I never recieved a 3 question review for him. All the other reps I have spoken to sent a review.I would like to report the situation.
Why is Sears allowing eBuzz (Eli Bar) to advertise dishonest sale prices and overcharge customers.  Once eBuzz tricks the customer into believing they are making the purchase from Sears; ebuzz placed a purchase order with Walmart at a lower price.  In addition, ebuzz charged $109 for shipping a washer and Walmart ships free over $50.  Ebuzz even went so far to include a fake UPS tracking number and shipping info (see attached).  Clearly Ebuzz is ripping off customers for the shipping fee in addition to overcharging.  When I contacted Sears I was placed on hold, the call seemed to be answered in another country, I couldn't understand the accent, nor could they understand me.   Why does Sears allow random sellers to advertise under the disguise of Sears and rip off customers?  Why is eBuzz using fake UPS shipping numbers? Is there a call center in the U.S.?eBuzz fake UPS shipping number
I just finished restoring an old SEARS - Fulton brand name Jack plane to display quality condition and would like an idea of how old the vintage woodworking tool is.
The Craftsman brand started at SEARS in the later part of 1927.
Fulton and Dunlap brand tools were sold through SEARS before the CRAFTSMAN brand name was purchased by SEARS.
There are not many paper SEARS catalogs left.Fulton brand Jack plane
I have a Kenmore HE washer (laundry) that is 9 years old now. Have had no problem so far but recently, the lights start blinking and there are beeping sounds even when the washer is not being used. Gets quite irritating and there's no way to stop this. I pressed the Cancel button and it stops for some time but then just starts again in a few minutes.

I will call Sears for service but was just wondering if someone here has seen this, and has a quick fix.

- Ajoy
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