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i mad ea purchase from sears outlet in syracuse ny on jjuly 9. the delivery date was set for july 29. i recived a phone call saying the couch would be here at a certain time the day before and it never came. when i called the delivery phone number they said there was an "issue" and it would be delivered on the 1st of august. I took a day off from work to be here for the delivery and they never showed. so in all i lost a days pay and also payed for delivery that i never got on the day i was set for. ill be contacting the Better Business Bureau about the situation that i have had to deal with and will never shop again at your company.
I purchased(actually a gift) this Kenmore Elite 5 Qt 400 Watt Charcoal Stand Mixer, Item # 00889288000P Model # 216901-GRY on 10/29/2012 and now I am having issues with it as it wont run. This product has a 5 year warranty as listed on your website which is the reason we selected this instead of Kitchen Aid. I have tried everything to get repair under warranty but nothings working. I called the Customer care which informed me that this is an instore repair. Then I took it to the store and they had no clue how can I claim warranty and was turned down and asked to contact Kenmore. I called Kenmore and they again redirected me to Sears and this time the rep gave me numbers for two local shops. I tried calling them and again was turned down because they don't work with Mixers. Contacted the customer care again and they again sent me to the Repairs and Parts department at the Sears in Alpharetta, GA that again shunned me down that they dont service Mixers. I have tried everything possible and customer care gives me different information every time and nobody is ready to service this. The Kenmore website clearly states  the following
FOR FIVE YEARS from the date of sale this appliance is warranted against defects in material or workmanship when it is correctly installed, operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions. 

WITH PROOF OF SALE, a defective appliance will be replaced free of charge.  

I have the credit card statement which shows the product was purchased on 10/29/2012 and is still under the 5 year term. I was even told once that I will have to get it repaired by myself as the store does not work with Mixers. This is clearly a breach of warranty and I this is my last effort to get my issue resolved.

week 1: June- warranted  refrigerator goes out ( 3 year old Whirlpool).Call Sears and schedule appointment for technician to come on July 7- (2 weeks away.)

week 3- July 7th comes. When technician doesn't show I contact Sears chat line and am informed that they had my address wrong and in fixing that, they had accidentally rescheduled my appointment to July 14th.

week 4- July 14 technician comes! Confirms compressor has gone out. Orders parts and sets up new appointment for July 28th to come and install.

week 6- July 28th comes, but technician stands me up. We wait all day and finally get an email letting us know that the technician is not coming and we need to reschedule. Talked to Sears for 90 minutes and am told the best they can do for new appointment is August 25, but they can't promise technician will actually come. 

I messaged Craftsman facebook page a couple times about missing bits to a drill I bought.  I even posted to their page. Now looking at that Craftsman Facebook page,  the Customer Service is non existent. 

I've had a few of my complaints deleted, and see they rarely ever respond to customers requests and or issues,  but they update their photos and ads every day.  Now I look at the Sears facebook page,  abs they respond to almost every post and get a resolution,  that's customer service! You guys need to really take a look at your Craftsman facebook page customer service!
My wife and I purchased a beautyrest recharge keeler after spending a solid hour trying all the mattress avalable at the store. First, there were two delivery no shows which was very fustrating as I had to take time off from work to receive the item. Second, after receiving the mattress, the firmness was nothing close to what we experience at the store. Once my wife and I confirmed that this was not the mattress we ordered we call Sears and they said we "had" to wait 30 days. We took pictures of the lack of firmness. The mattress is so soft I can fold it in half!!!!!! The lady at customer service said it would break in. Are you kidding me, " I don't need it to get softer." Is your team that inept! 

Sears wants to charge us a restock fee after telling us to wait wait wait and an additional delivery! At this point I am ready to drive this mattress to sears and dump it infront of the store. I cannot deal with your lack of service!

I just want my money back and you need to move the 72 hour notification in a more appropriate place and not hidden. This is deceiving practice

Recharge keeler
Purchse date: 5/25/16
First Delivery date 6/3/16 - no show no call
Second Delivery date 6/9/16 - no show no call
Third Delivery date 6/16/16 - finally arrived
I ordered on June 19th, got a pickup email on June 23.  On June 25 I went to pick up my order, no order was found so I was told that when it was "found that it would be shipped to my home."  Three days later I got a phone message that my order was ready to be picked up.  So I traveled back to the store and still no order. again was told it would be delivered to my home.  Sometime in mid July I tried to chat with customer service only to wait 20 minutes or so for someone to chat back.  I then called customer service and held on for again about 20 minutes only to be disconnected.  So I tried again about 20 mintes later I had customer service on the phone.  He was no help what so ever.  Basically I was told that if they placed my order then they had one in stock and to call the store.  So after almost six weeks total I called the store today 770-961-7110 only for it to ring and ring and ring and disconnect.  If anyone at SEARS could help me I would appreciate getting my purchase found and delivered.  My Salescheck # is 093002457193
My treadmill has been under a maintenance contract for years.  Over 3 weeks ago my treadmill broke, I called for service.  It took almost a week to get a technician out.  The technician was running late so I rescheduled for later on that day.  When he had a chance to look at the treadmill he determined that he needed to order a motor.  He told my daughter that Sears was so busy he didn't know when he'd be able to get back after we received the part.  The part arrived on 7/20/16, but I was not able to get the technician out until 7/27.  The technician did come on 7/27 but he did not repair the treadmill.  After 8 minutes on the treadmill, it stopped.  I called customer care and spoke with Erin - useless.  I asked to speak with a supervisor and was placed on hold for quite some time and I hung up.  I tried the trreadmill again and reset it.  It ran for about 18 minutes and then died... it is dead!  I called customer care again and spoke with Craig.  I explained the situation and insisted on speaking with a supervisor - he would not connect me to a supervisor.  I called back and now spoke with Clyde.  I explained the issue again and insisted on speaking with a supervisor - 10 minutes later I was allegedly speaking with James, a supervisor.  James could not get me an appointment earlier than 8/2!  When I asked to speak with his supervisor he said there was nobody above him.  I asked where he was located and he said he was not permitted to tell me.  Today, 8/28 I called custormer care again and spoke with Georgia - she too could not help in anyway.  When I asked for the contact information for the CEO she said she did not have that information.  I told her it would be quicker for me to google it and I did.  I then spoke with Lisa, who seemed to make every effort to try to get me an earlier appoinment, but with no luck.  She however, was able to provide me with the CEO's information.  Here is my issue - my treadmill was NOT repaired and rather than ensuring my problem is resolved, I am treated as if it is a new call.  This is totally unacceptable!  The custormer care staff that I spoke with at (800) 4MYHOME are there to only say "I'm sorry", they can't help.  The (800) 4MYHOME number is merely a way for Sears to say that they tried to help, but if the people on the phones can't help it's a waste of time and money.  My treadmill is used EVERYDAY - it is not used to hang laundry!  I live in Southern California where temperatures are running 94 to 113 degrees, preventing me from exercising outside.  WHY CAN'T I GET THE MACHINE REPAIRED IN A TIMELY AND PROFESSIONAL MANNER?!   I would never recommend Sears repair services to anybody!      
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