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Got some reviews posted and approved... when will the points be added to my account?
Weekends are fun days and incomplete without shopping at your favourite store. Sears is one of my the best and favourite store to stop by in almost every occassion. Me and my family were enjoying shopping and bought stuff for upcoming birthday of our dear once, Suddenly my husband sneak a peek at one of the item which was bought last week and its price dropped down from zenith.We thought of making price adjustment as it was only 7 days ago. Also from the home section i found one very nice blanket or throw at clearence and i noticed there are few minor holes there,I requested for assistance to found something similar to that but they close the deal with 10% on given prices.

Now, My motive to narrate this whole story begins when we were waiting on a long que for billing. As mention above i asked for price adjustment, the lady at the counter tried hard to understand me and called her manger i suppose too sure who she was but she acted like a bad person who seriosuly need training on Customer interaction because the way she handled the whole sitituation. Looks like she is new to acquitation. She was more focussed on price adjustment and price match difference than understanding what was my requirement.

Seriously ,Readers;i am not aware about Sears internal terminology but on the sears policy, they Might call it as price Adjustment instead pof price match. She started conversation saying we dont do price match ( i said, come on listen to me first), then she started stated we dont do for more than 14 days and like this.. She never tried to understand entire question/ queries. Finally when she tried adjustment, she too her own time and i finally decided not to go for price match what she will call Price adjustment. This was one of episode

Post this i was assured of price adjustment for blanket since it was only left and had minor defect and she called person downstairs and started yeling who is this person (sorry can not name) and when she was able to connect " Her tone was like why did you offer price adjustment". It sounded very rude and no intention behind this but Sears has to think on thei employees treating Customers. We are not getting stuff free by visiting store and need at least a good courtesy, I was kkind of harrassed with ppl behind me waiting and thinking thats going on. If needed, cal me @ my memrship phone # attached and can explain better than this long episodes. Hope someone is hearing at Sears.
I was looking for an all rubber hose and found one at Sears. I generally like Craftsman products and their great warranty. I've been buying Craftsman products for years. I bought the hose and installed it. Later I was about to throw out the cardboard cover and starting reading the reverse side. I was horrified when I noticed that it said this hose contains lead and that you should wash your hands after use. Apparently, Sears felt that if they put this notice in a conspicuous place on the front label, no one would by them so they hid it on the inside back. I lost total respect for Sears as a company for knowingly selling products that contain lead. Who ever heard of buying a hose where you have to wash your hands afterwards for fear of health issues? Of course, I am returning the hose.I would like to hear a response form senior management before I ask my son in PR how to go about getting the word out. I would also like them to stop selling these hoses. At least put in big letters "This hose contains Lead" Bet you'd never sell any after that. Companies like this disgust me. I will now reconsider where to buy new products.
I haven't been credited for my reviews for the past two quarters (ending in March and June). All my reviews followed the guidelines (60 day history, over 140 characters) and I used the points for reviews links in emails and on the Sears site in hopes it would credit the points automatically.

The system seems to be broken since I always have to post here to get the points, as do a lot of others.

Please contact me via email so I can receive my points.

Roe BuckRoe Buck 
This error is annoying. It pops up way too frequently when I try to post on this site.
Can anyone at Sears help me with my new appliance installation issues? I have called every number multiple times and just get lies and the run around. This is aweful.
Roe BuckRoe Buck 
I received an email titled: "Use your Sears Card and save on your appliance purchases"
The email promotes an offer that customers have the option of choosing a 35% off discount for Kenmore appliances.

I read through the list of excluded products in the fine print, and then tried to checkout with a qualifying Kenmore applicance. Unfortunately, I was only given the option of choosing a 5% off discount with my Sears credit card.

Only a 5% off option with Sear card

Citi customer service gave me the usual response: "Derp! We don't know. Go call Sears about it."
Sears customer service said there is no promotion involving a 35% discount. Customers can only get a 5% off discount for appliances when using their Sears credit card.

So what the heck is this email about???

Choose a promo for your Kenmore appliance purchase
Best Answer chosen by Roe Buck
Roe BuckRoe Buck

After seeing your answer the other day, I emailed it to all the people interested in taking up the offer by Aug. 1st.
The general reaction has been: "What a load of BS! I'm buying my appliances elsewhere!"

I imagine there are a lot more Sears cardholders across the country who are leaving your stores in disgust when the sales associate says:
"I don't know where you got that email from, but you can only choose an option for 5% off these Kenmore appliances."
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