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Look at this I have been trying to get my refrigerator fix for over two years? The customer is no help at all they are just good at passing the buck?
To Whom It May Concern:

We are decades long and loyal customers who have spent tens of thousands of dollars through purchases and interest on credit cards with Sears and now feel abandoned after we purchased the Sears Whole Home Warranty and being denied of a claim to repair our AC unit due to a dirty filter. The Goodman brand is known for these types of failure as mentioned by the technician not to mention the class action lawsuit against them for that very reason that is available on the net. The responding technician from Climanergy who apparently was servicing a work order from Cross Country Home Services performed no other test to diagnose the reason for failure. I have documented feedback from various AC companies that it would be hard pressed, if not impossible, to blame the compressor failure on a dirty filter. They further stated that acid corrosion, electrical problems and many other things could have caused the failure and that these home warranty services use these tactics to deny claims.

As a long standing Sears customer who has paid my dues on the years with sears beginning with my dad who also had an account beginning in the sixties I deserve better. And before I began a borrage of events by engaging social, consumer, news and governmental entities about how I was treated by Sears through Cross Country/HMS Home Services I felt an obligation to inform Sears of this fact given my and my family's enduring relationship with Sears products and services. I am also seeking legal advice from my attorney as well.

What I want is for someone with authority at Sears to review my case (#79344063) with CCHS and consider my strong business relationship and overturn my claim denial and hold CCHS responsible for not treating me as a loyal and tenured customer as opposed to a newby home warranty customer since December when I subscribed to the Whole House program. I feel like we deserve that from our family's investment in this company over the decades.


 Loyal Customer

Sears installed my water heater incorrectly with parts missing on 3/13. Our sherif delivered a county code violations notice and I am about to get fined. The unit is missing a discharge pipe and is potentially dangerous without it. Technician that installed the unit also lied and charged me extra $$ that i now know for sure are fraudulent. I sent proof to Sears. SHC ignored my e-mails & letter. I spent hours on the phone with customer service, installations, etc. Can you offer a solution or should I just sue?
The last person came and said that the control panel was bad!!!!  Called sears to order part Sears tolld him that nothing was wronr with it !!!!   Still not getting any HOT water!!!!  Now will not filll up machine RIGHT!!!!  nOW EITHER FIX WHAT HE SAD IS THE MATTER WITH IT OR SEND A BRAND NEW MACHINE!!!!!  HAS NOT WORKED RIGHT SINCE THE FIRST TIME THEY CAME OUT AND STARTED REPAIRING IT!!!!  THEY COME OUT WITH NO PARTS TO FIX IT!!!!!  TAKES ABOUT 4 WEEKS TO ,GET THE PARTS SHIPPED TO FIX IT!!!!  TIME FOR YOU TO SEND A BRAND NEW MACHINE AND QUICK TRYING TO FIX THIS ONE!!!!  WANT IT HERE IN 30 MINUTES!!!!  HAVE GOT LAWYER ON RETAINER!!!!
Just got off the phone with the Sears store where I purchased a mattress last week and I was told the mattress was out of stock and could not be delivered until May 6th (original delivery date was April 18). I explained to the sales rep that I was moving into my first apartment and that this meant I would not have a bed to sleep on for the 3 weeks until my mattress replied. The sales rep told me that it was not his problem, and that from his end there was nothing he could do. He suggested I call customer service, which I did. When I called them, I was told repeatedly that this was not an issue they could solve. When I asked if they could offer me a replacement mattress of any kind or even an air mattress, something to sleep on so I would not be on the floor I was told that they do not do that, and that I would have to find a solution. I explained to them that I am a student, i am 1000km away from my family and that I need a bed to sleep on for the 3 weeks while I am at school. I cannot afford to stay in a hotel or sublet someone else's apartment for 3 weeks while I am already paying for my own apartment. I was told that there was nothing they could do, that this was not their problem and that they do not offer compensation for late deliveries. 

Looks like i am sleeping on a laminate floor for 3 weeks until this mattress gets here, if it ever does. Is there anything else I can do? I have no other options for a place to stay or a bed to sleep in.
A year ago we purchased a Pressure washer from sears for $80 and a 3 year protection for $50. The motor mount on the unit brook and it only works on have pressure. So we send it in and now there are telling me that it is my fault the mount brook and the repairs will be over $200. Bad craftsman ship=my fault. I dont think so. Had my last pressure washer from sears and it lasted over 10 years. Guess it was my falt it lasted that long to.
I need to know where to go from here. I payed for extra warranty for repairs. " No question ask and if we can not fix it we will replace it sir"  where the words while he took my money. Any help would be appreciated.
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