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I heard the tool factory moved its operations in Texas and Arkansas to South Carolina. Can you tell if they have completed the move and if it has had a negative effect on keeping Sears stores stocked with tools?
Last year, the Sears and Kmart sites removed the Profile feature that lists all the expiration dates for points earned at different times. Now the Fitstudio site is being shutdown, and we'll lose the calendar feature that allows us to view all the expiration dates for our points.

Will there be any place left that members can view the whole list of expiration dates for their various points?
i really enjoy doing reviews,
can someone please tell me how to join?
thank you
My online order is stuck at since 11 days.
I have paid via gift cards and Paypal but no order acknowledge or fullfillment from Sears.
I have been assigned a case but not body is bothered about responding back.
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