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How can I talk to someone about my issue?
I have old photographs of my kids taken at Sears that I would like to have reproduced. Is there a copyright involved and where can I get permissions?
Kenmore model 253.0313211 forms ice clump on back metal panel behind ice maker. I cleaned it off and it was back next day. Any help?
I recently purchased and had installed a new Garage Door opener. It works great. However, I am unable to program the old doors with the new remote and the old remote won't work on the new door (I assumed as much).

Everything is Craftsman.
The new door has part #045DCT
The two old doors have part numbers 41A5021-3H-315 and 41AC150-1M.
Both the older doors have square purple learn buttons. The new door has a circular yellow button.

If I cannot use my new remote and I cannot use my old remote - is there a universal remote I can purchase?

My ice maker is not filling with water even though I can hear the water valve open when pushing the test button. I removed the Ice maker and found the water outlet and water chute to the icemaker trays blocked with ice. What is causing this and how do you prevent it?
The ice maker is working fine, but when i press the door button, the auger doesn't turn. Also there is no more light when i press for ice. The light still work with the water. Is that can be the switch it-self, the auger or electronic board somewhere in the fridge.
thank you
Unfortunately, due to mostly applying for a Sears credit card, I was unable to order a yard tractor. The reason I applied for the credit card was due to the promotion to get 5% discount. After I applied I got a message I needed to contact Sears Card New Accounts Processing Center with the reference number the gave me. After calling the center around 20 times on Fri and Sat, and getting the message due to high call volumes please call back later, I finally got a rep who after verifying my cell number, approved my credit card. The rep proceeded to tell me since my application was stopped, I could no longer get the promotion. So, due to these frustations I decided to take a break and continue this the next day. Today, I was rewarded by the price increasing over $100, on top of missing the 5% discount. Anybody have similar Sears Credit card promotion issues?
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