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Roe BuckRoe Buck 
This error is annoying. It pops up way too frequently when I try to post on this site.
Can anyone at Sears help me with my new appliance installation issues? I have called every number multiple times and just get lies and the run around. This is aweful.
Roe BuckRoe Buck 
I received an email titled: "Use your Sears Card and save on your appliance purchases"
The email promotes an offer that customers have the option of choosing a 35% off discount for Kenmore appliances.

I read through the list of excluded products in the fine print, and then tried to checkout with a qualifying Kenmore applicance. Unfortunately, I was only given the option of choosing a 5% off discount with my Sears credit card.

Only a 5% off option with Sear card

Citi customer service gave me the usual response: "Derp! We don't know. Go call Sears about it."
Sears customer service said there is no promotion involving a 35% discount. Customers can only get a 5% off discount for appliances when using their Sears credit card.

So what the heck is this email about???

Choose a promo for your Kenmore appliance purchase
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Roe BuckRoe Buck

After seeing your answer the other day, I emailed it to all the people interested in taking up the offer by Aug. 1st.
The general reaction has been: "What a load of BS! I'm buying my appliances elsewhere!"

I imagine there are a lot more Sears cardholders across the country who are leaving your stores in disgust when the sales associate says:
"I don't know where you got that email from, but you can only choose an option for 5% off these Kenmore appliances."

Bought a set of tires from Sears. Seven months later one of them explosively deflates on a straight road at 35 mph.

Returned to Sears to have the tire replaced. Barry N. at Sears in Burlington, MA explains why Sears tire warranties do not apply to Sears tires.

hello, can someone from Sears escalations please contact me about the horrible experiences I have had with searshomepro regarding a boiler purchase? I have written complaints that have gone unanswered. Would appreciate a response.
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