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WendyWendy (Community) 
Welcome to the MySears Community!
In viewing the Tech Student landing page, I am not locating exclusions.If using this offer for the first time, it may mention in the enrollment email you had received.
The military discount is only offered within store locations. It is highly suggested before purchase to check with the management team at your local store if these two offers can be combined.
Thank you!
ibhad a deliver set for July 3rd

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If anyone has an ideas on how to make this right before I make the call to BBB
Toss them my way but really on the last straw here. Tried to get a better answer
and it has literally been the WORST experience. Will never get that time back.

Thanks for listening.


I am just having the greatest luck with my washing / drying appliance! My Dryer had an issue with drying which i fixed, but now I have a problem with my washer. I am getting an F20 error code. It's completely random, sometimes it happens, some times it doesn't. I searched the web and found a few things. I cleaned out the screen for dirt/rocks. I swapped out the water inlet valve (is this thing supposed to rattle when you shake it)? I have model number 110.46742702

Thanks in advance!
I am not able to open sears chat page. I contacted sears chat multiple times since their was a wrong information provided. Later a chat agent mentioned i contacted 15 times, which is not true. Now i am not able to open that page.

I have no interest to chat but its really rude.

I like sears and do shop a lot and recommend my friends and family. But a behavior like this really is rude.
On June 22nd a Sears technician fixed my reported dryer repair problem. However, he broke the dryer door switch during his repair. The dryer door switch was working fine prior to this repair. As a result he had to order the part needed to fix the dryer door switch. He told me someone would return to complete the repair as soon as the part arrived which was estimated for June 25th. I called Sears on the evening of June 24thto inquire about the time for that second repair appointment. I was quite surprised when I was advised that no one would return to complete this repair until 7/2. The customer service reps were unhelpful and kept repeating the same script about their policies. How is it right that a Sears technician broke something and now I have to wait over a week for that mistake to be corrected. On 6/25, I emailed Sears Customer Service as instructed by the Call Center Supervisor and I have not received any response from Sears. What a horrible experience. Dispappointing on so many levels
My garage door opens with the remote from neighbors remote, as well as mine. How can I reset the opener?. My garage door opener is 139.53615SR. I can program remotes; the problem is that a neighbor's remote opens my garage door. I would like to reset the receiver. I have the manual. As the manual says, there are no dip switches in the SR series, rather there is an "SR code button" (p 19). This button works to accept input from modern remotes (I used it 1 week ago), but does not seen to support reset. If I press, the LED goes on, but continuing to press for 30 seconds does not turn the LED off. From what I can tell, I need to reset the reciever, in the garage door opener itself, to reject the inputs from my neighbor's remote.
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    If anyone has an ideas on how to make this right before I make the call to BBB
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