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I purchased a $1400 LG washer a little over a year ago.  It suddenly stopped turning on for no apparent reason. I had a technician came out and attempted to put 3 seperate computer boards into the machine. He left after the 3rd attempt stating "Ill order another one and be back in a week". I took 2 days off from work. It has been 3 weeks, and now I will have to pay to take my laundry to a laundry mat.

I called customer service and spoke to manager Dennis 150652. He was no help just droning about how they needed another attempt to fix it. I have had 6 appliance warranties with sears for over 10 years. I am cancelling all the warranties. The machine should have been replaced instead of this ridiculous back and forth waste of time. I will never buy a sears product again.

VERY dissatisfied customer.
I did an review on 1/07/2016 and it stated that I would receive 5.00 in points for the review, I have yet to receive my points, who do I need to contact? I've already contacted shop your way rewards and they informed me to ask the question on here and someone would get in contact with me 
My husband and I went into Sears on Monday and ordered a washer and dryer. we recieved a confirmation call and were supposed to be delivered on Thursday between 12-2. I had someone at my house at 11:45,( verified by my neighbor across the street). My husband recieved a call saying they tried to deliver and no one was home. After he called the "delivery customer service " and got no where I called. Come to find out they showed up at my house at 11:30 well of course no in is there they werent supposed to be there until 12. They claim they came back at 12:15-12:17 and no one answered the door. They couldnt explain what my house looked like or that the garage door was open and my dogs were outside playing in the yard.I don't think they came back or they didn't go to the right house, I had my mom at my house until 2:45. After my first phone call I was supposed to get a call within 2 hours. No call was made. I called back and was told I would have a call back within in hour. I am at work and didn't have time to be dealing with his. At 3:30 my husband recieved a call from the delivary people saying they would be at my house in 20 minutes. First they called his number not mine and second no one was at my house and I didn't have anyone that could be there in 20 minutes. I had to once again call back and was told they couldn't deliver my stuff for another week. I canceled my order and was told I would recieve a credit in 7-10 business days. I wanted a call from a manager and an email stating I was getting my money back and how much. No one can give me this information and still did not recieve any calls. I had to call again the next day to try and get this resolved. I spoke with the store Manager and was told there wasn't anything they could and couldn't verify my refund amount. I will never buy anything from sears again no matter the deal I could get. Sad part is I just recently bought a refrigerator from them also but picked it up myself with no issues.
I have model #795.71053.011.  After dumping ice the ice tray does not go back down flat.  Water refills and pours out because the tray is tilted.  The water pours into the bin of ice causing a giant ice block and preventing any ice from coming out of the dispenser.  I had a tech come out last week.  He ordered a new ice maker (receipt says Motor AC 46 795 EAU60783802)  I got a call today saying you no longer carry this ice maker in any of your warehouses and they can't fix my ice maker.  My fridge is only 4 years old!  What can be done about this??
I ordered a dryer from you guys back on Jan. 18.  The shipping company, Central Transport, tried to deliver it to me twice with no notice so that I was unable to receive it.  They then took it to a warehouse in Long Island.  After a week, they finally acknowledged that they have it, but told me that the order was "pending".  I tried contacting customer service, but they were unable to release it.  I was eventually told that it needed to be released by the originating store.  The originating store had no idea what the code that was necessary was.  After multiple calls back to customer service, they said that they had requested the release, but that it wasn't working.  I was then told that it would be "escalated to an offline team", which might take 24 hours, 24-48 hours, or 3-5 business days depending on whom I spoke to.   This has been several weeks of assurances that the issue would be resolved in a day or so, and no actual resolution.   How do I get you to deliver the dryer that I paid for?
Why is store 4657 charging 9% tax when it is 8% tax 
1 week ago a Sears technician was unable to order a walking belt for my treadmill. He found me the part # and had me order it. I was told if I made the installation appointment within 30 days, the diagnostic fee would be applied to the installation. When trying to make the appointment I'm told that I declined repairs & will only have 50% of the diagnostic fee applied. I never declined this repair and I was doing as instructed by the Sears technician.  Can anyone help? 
I contacted Sears for a dishwasher repair.  My appointment window was between 1-5 p.m.  The technician called at 6:30 p.m. to tell me he wouldn't be out, so I wasted a half a vacation day.  The following week another technician came and said it would be $212 to repair my dishwasher.  He told me the part would be delivered to my home and that I could request him as the repairman to fix it, so I wouldn't get the original technician who had stood me up.  I called and requested him, the part arrived, I took another half a vacation day.  A different technician showed up.  He told me the part I received was broken, but he had the same part on his truck.  He installed the part, said it was fixed and left.  I ran the dishwasher - same problem, no water.  Called Sears immediately to ask for the tech to come back.  They said he couldn't come back that day, I would have to take another day off.  Take another day off, technician comes back, seems like he doesn't know what he's doing, calls his supervisor, finds out that the part he got off his truck was not the same as what what delivered to my house, and now it was going to be an additional $229 for another part because of the mistake, but maybe he could waive the service call fee to come back.  These costs together would be more than I paid for the dishwasher.  He gave me the number for customer service.  I contacted customer service, they emailed me and told me they had no record of me paying anything.  After holding forever, they locate my $212 payment and tell me they will only refund me $65 for the service call.  I tell them they can have the incorrect part they put into my dishwasher back, I would like a full refund as the dishwasher still doesn't work, and I feel they have further damaged it by installing an incorrect part.  The "gentleman" I am speaking with gets nasty and tells me that's all I'm going to get, take it or leave it.  I ask to speak to a supervisor, he said they are all supervisors.  I can't believe a large company such as Sears has such poor customer service, doesn't stand behind their "service",  and are willing to lose a lifelong customer (who needs to buy a new dishwasher). 
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