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It has been more than a week since I've submitted a product review yet to receive my SYWR/points.
WendyWendy (Community)  
I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends!

This year I am very thankful to have my loving family with me, being healthy and most of all very thankful that I wake up each day and love the small town I live in.

Feel free to share how this special holiday was spent, favorite part of your meal or even what you are thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I wanted to file a complaint as I bought a mattress set on 11/16/15 and delivery was scheduled for 11/21 and on 11/20 I got a call and due to some vendor issue it was reschedule for 11/21. On 11/21 when I called to reconfirm time I was informed that I bought an oven and delivery need to be rescheduled again. I visited Crabtree Sears Store (Raleigh NC) and talked to the sales guy (Ted). He called customer support and then lady told me that I will get delivery for sure on 11/25. However, now I got a SMS on my mobile number that my delivery is rescheduled for 12/1.

Please contact me and as soon as possible as it is very absurd as if Sears has serious issue related to supply chain and unprofessional way of doing business.
Helping my grandma. She bought over $8,400 in appliances 2 months ago. Delivery has been a nightmare. Still waiting on fridge and washer. Many calls to customer service and the delivery facility, seems nobody cares. Being given the run around by people who say they'll have someone call me back but days later and still no one has called. Delivery dates have been changed many times because of no call/no shows by the delivery people. Who can I talk to in order to get this resolved?
I have a Kenmore Elite 106.51159111 there are two switches in the top of the freezer doorway that the door closes one controls the light what does the other control?
Best Answer chosen by gme76
WendyWendy (Community) 
Hi gme76! Please view response that we have received by one of our Experts in regards to your inquiry.

"The two switches in the freezer section control the lights and controls the ice maker. When the door is opened, one switch turns the light on while the other turns off the ice maker while the door is open. I hope this helps!"

Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns.

Thank you!
The three oven racks in our Kenmore Elite gas range have bee falling down while using the oven for years. We cannot even have Thanksgiving dinner at our house - we have to go out to eat! The only way I can use the oven at all is to place an inverted ceramic baking dish on the bottom of the oven and place one rack on top (and often the food that is right above the baking dish burns). I have spoken with many different departments at Sears, to no avail. One Sears representative even suggested I file a complaint with the Conumser Products Safety Board, which I did, with no results. We had a technician come out who said there was nothing he could do (and he felt so badly he couldn't help us he didn't charge us for the service call).
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