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Sears: I bought an air conditioner from you for a good amount of $$$$. You promised great quality in the product you sold and great customer service, should I have problems with the unit. As a previously loyal customer I believed you, but unfortunately I have received none! Your contractor, Sun Valley, who has come out to install and then service the unit has failed to do anything to help.

I called today to get the unit fixed and was told I would receive a call from someone as soon as possible. A couple of hours later I was contacted by Sun Valley Mechanical, who started to tell me that I was pretty much lying about the unit not working this time and the other two times. Then they proceeded to say the soonest available time to schedule me in would be NEXT Thursday, June 12th. I told them that was unacceptable, and their representative said she would have a supervisor call me back. Which he did, and in order to spare you with how rude he was, I'll just say he told me that I could ask for a different contractor to go out if I wasn't satisfied with them. Yeah, they really care about their relationship with Sears, right? 

So after that lovely conversation I spoke to Area Manager, Joey Munoz. I advised him of the situation, and my concerns about owning this unit just a little over a year with these problems. When I previously had another unit for 15 years and all it needed was regular maintenance before going out. He said he understood, and he would get someone out as soon as possible and get back to me to confirm an appointment. Well he didn't. I called him before end of business today, and left a message. He did not return the call. This is completely unacceptable. In El Paso, Tx the projected weather forecast is high 90's all week. I have a 4 year old at home, and my mom is a senior. I've been nothing but loyal to you! Through out the years I've purchased a washer, dryer, and other small appliances before with no problems, thank goodness. I have great credit with you, and always have. However this experience has left me completely appalled with you and your products! Restore my faith please and get me help!!!
I saw Sears Escalations Team comments on the "measueredup" website, after a helpless-sounding complaint from someone who seems to have gone through what I have with UV lights for the HVAC, and now I've finally found this site.  Here we go...

In December 2013, I had Sears over to clean the ducts in our new family home (very old, hadn't been done in who knows how long).  During the process, the main tech told me about the UV light installation.  I agreed, and he gave us a "good deal" of $998 (I still have this invoice and can send to you).  No other specific information was ever provided, e.g. the manufacturer, a part number (the serial #s indicated were worthless), or anything at all that would allow me to see how much these cost outside of the undocumented world of the Sears installation team.  A couple weeks ago, I decided it was time to replace the bulbs, as more than a year had passed.  I thought that lifetime warranty included the bulbs, which the original tech had SAID, but learned that was not the case - hence the specific note on that invoice (I also have this invoice and can send).  The guy says that I will receive a special discounted rate of $75 per bulb, or "half off."  I just heard from one of the team at the local place that those things actually sell for $75, so that is dishonest.  The plot thickens...

Moving on the real issue - up until last week, I had been pursuing Sears at various levels for over a month, trying to find ANY information at all on what was installed in my home.  Nobody was able to answer, until last week, when I was finally able to remind someone that I was still waiting for the information promised to me on multiple occasions.  What the team expressed was that the tech folks keep info like pricing a well-kept secret from the folks who answer the phones.  Does this sound like the Sears policy to you?  After a month, then, this fellow was able to send me the info/pamphlets on the lights (I have this as two PDFs I can send) - with blacked out sections for pricing (he described that as third party info).  So I looked up the light systems online, and I begin to understand why it took me a month to get SOMEONE in all of Sears to tell me specifics about this UV system - these "systems" list for sometimes less than $100 online, and the replacement bulbs significantly less than $75.

You see my dilemma - I was convinced by Sears air duct crew to install these, then kept in the dark despite my best efforts to find out WHAT was installed so that I might objectively check on the deal I got.  It turns out I was severely overcharged.  I would like Sears to address this issue; as such, I am more than happy to provide any additional information I can, simply tell me what you need.  I have been going to Sears since I was a kid; I can honestly say this was my first bad experience, and I'm counting on you to make it right.  This was a ripoff job without any sort of oversight, since the installing team are the only ones who regulate their pricing apparently.  Please note I have also emailed this info to the Sears Cares Escalations Team via email a week ago, and radio silence.

Thank you for taking the time to (hopefully) make it to the end of this post.
After several missed appointments and much time spent arranging them, repair went poorly and now my LG refrigerator is barely running. A part was ordered but there seems to be no way to have this repair prioritized as I watch my food all go bad. Refrigerator was making noise before but was working but this repair did not fix the problem but made it worse.  Sears needs to be more responsive and give me a service appointment before all my food is spoiled.
Waiting for more than a month to repair our Kenmore refrigerator.  Finally got parts ordered...they arrived, now trying to change an appt that is far off into June 15th... and the online reschedule feauture gives an error when trying to change appt.  called 800# ..they see the same thing as me , error message is that possible !!!!???  we are living out of 2 coolers in our kithcen floor , this is the worst customer service experience Ive ever had. The whole week of June 8t is available to make an appt but error message wont confim appt.  Is there a website technical support dept that can help me and your employees???
I ordered a washing machine last week and selected a delivery date and time in the morning before I left for work.  Tonight I got an automated call with a time in the late afternoon ann NO OPTION to talk to someone since the time was not possible for me.  I looked up the order online and while there was an option to reschedule, it was not possible for my order but said I needed to call a phone number.  I called and was made to wait over an hour on hold, and then told there was no option to get my original delivery time back, and there earliest date I could get my washer delivered was 3 days later with no guaranteed time, and there was no way to speak to a supervisor.  How can I escalate this issue as I am sure that this is not how Sears treats their customers?
Can I get a copy of 5 Yr Extended Warranty for D.W. on Calafia Court., Tracy, CA
I just bought a new Kenmore gas range  (Model No 79074133311) online and had it delivered i paided for them to hook it up only to find out when they delivered it that they cannot do propane convertion on it and I never got refunded for the hook up fee. I was told to have someone else hook it up. I have someone come look at it only to find out that the conversion kit bag has a hole in it and some of the parts are missing and that they dont even know if it can be converted. While looking at the stove i noticed that when i open the oven door the storage drawer on the bottom pops out while opening the over door and rubs against it. I'm stuck and i dont know what to do.
I am filing a complaint with the BBB.  My issue has been going on for over a month. Why doesn’t any of the customer service staff have a manager’s contact information?...Why can’t we get anyone to call us about our issues? This is a multi-billion dollar company and I have to post this like an angry child because there isn’t a real outlet for real complaints! Or maybe it is set up this way for a reason!!!!!
 I ordered a dishwasher online and received it the next day.  The installer caused a link under my sink and didn’t inform us of the issue.  He said instead that the dishwasher was defective and that we would have to contact customer service to get a replacement.  I had to call 2 different 800 numbers to get the new item ordered...The next day we discovered the link...after being calling 3 more numbers I finally received information for filing a claim for the damage…I was told NOT to make any changes or get the issue fixed until the claim was processed.  The Adjuster didn’t contact me at all I waited 4 days.  I had to call him...requested contactor photos which I provided.  He hasn’t contacted me since…in fact I received a letter from him stating that he hasn’t spoken to us and feel free to reach out to him at our earliest convenience.  The owner of the installation company (Sears’s vendor) did contact me…so we worked out the claim and settled.  Now back to Sears…during the two weeks going back and forth with the contractors and the Adjustor I never received a delivery or installation call for the 2nd Dishwasher…So two 800 numbers later we discovered that the customer service person did not finalize to replacement order in the system so it did not generate the delivery call…and I learned that the Delivery and installation departments are separate.  The next day I received a call stating that I could not receive my new dishwasher for another 3 weeks.  And would have it insulted the day after it was delivered…I called the 800 number provided and was told that it was not in the warehouse and so I would have to wait the 3 weeks. I WAITED!...the service guy called the night before and gave us a window of time…Called again at 7:00 am to verify the time window…Called 2 hours later and said he couldn’t find the address…He had an address for an Office Park on the other side of town…he said that someone would call back.  We received a call stating that it would be another 3 days before the item could be delivered.  And that WE would have to call and Schedule it and ALSO call the installation department to reschedule that as well…and that there was no way it could be delivered any sooner. I stated that we have to WORK!!! And now we have to adjust our schedules again for another delivery and could hear the laughter in the service persons voice as she related the information we needed to make the additional calls.  I called for the delivery and the service person still had the WRONG address…I have used Sears for 20 years…Every Appliance in my home has come from Sears and I have NEVER had this type of issue…I when over it twice to be sure that the Address was correct and I am still scared that it is wrong…she gave me the WRONG NUMBER FOR installation…OMG!!!  800-497-0402…I repeated it back to her for goodness sake!!!! 
Let’s sum up: We have adjusted our work schedule for the 1st installation, for the contactors to come and take an assessment of the damages, for the 2nd delivery, for the 2nd installation…for the 3rd delivery for the 3rd installation.  This is the worst experience of my life and I PAID for it…it is like we are being punished for filing a claim for the damages and requesting a replacement for the defective machine, why would it take 3 additional weeks to get the replacement dishwasher…when the 1st one was delivered the next day?  Why would the address be altered in the system from the 1st delivery? Why would we have to make all the calls to reschedule everything? 
This expensive machine is eating our sheets, twisting our towels and destroying our clothes!  What a horrible design.  Some should bring a class action against Sears for this nasty flaw.
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