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I Wrote 21 reviews, after recieveing an email that id get 1,000 pts per review of my many purchases. I called to verify and was told that my review needed to be over 140 characters, limited to 25 reviews per quarter, and limited to a 60 day history. I followed all of these guidelines, as well as the guidelines for writing the reviews, i was never credited for any of them! I called and was directed here, called the number on the site, and they told made me contact SYWY again.. I contacted them again, and transferred me here again! I am tired of the run around. Please assist.
My order of a refiggerator was promised for delivery by 21 April and a week later I'm still waiting.  I spent an hour on the phone today from my place of work with no resolution. Sears customer service has offered nothing but empty platitudes and false empathy, promising to send an e-mail to some non-responsive "back office" and to return phone calls.  In one week I have gotten exactly 1 of the dozen or so promised responses. E-mail? Really?  That's the best you got?  Here's a thought: Empower them to actually do something to make a difference!  I must hand it to your training, though; they stick to the script.   Add me to the list of dissatisfied customers.  It's a toss-up between Sears and Virgin Mobile for the wort CS I've ever experienced
I have gotten the run around on having a flat tire fixed on my mower. Was told a tech would be out April 4th. He called out sick April 3rd. Resheduled for April 11th, no-show. Rescheduled April 18, no-show. Was told service department would call April 20th or 21st to reschedule, no-call. Was told April 23 I was put at the top of the list for service, nothing happened. I do not care about excuses such as there are not enough techs in this area or the tech lives in another state. Not my problem. Hire more techs, hire them in my state, fix your problems to give me the service I paid for. My grass is still growing. I paid for your equipment and your service agreement. Live up to your end of the bargin.
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Hi there,

We are alarmed to hear about the service you received. These many no shows are not acceptable and we’d like to assist moving forward. Please look out for a private message sent to you right here on the community. We will need some additional information before moving to next steps!

Thanks for reaching out on the community! 
JulieJulie (Community)  
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UNBELIEVABLE! How many people are going to have the same issue before SEARS man's up and does the right thing. OVEN RACKS SHOULD BE MADE TO STAY ON THIER TRACKS AND NOT FALL DOWN. This is obviously a design flaw or manufacturing defect. There is no logic that could convince me that it is normal (or my resoponsibility). 

SEARS responds the same way to all the compliants on this message board. GOOD LUCK with that phone number. I called THAT number. I spent two of the most frustrating hours on Friday (April 24, 2015) trying to get someone who would make a formal compliant or even offer some guidance. ALL I got was the same answer, "sorry this range is out of warranty."

This is unacceptable. This is dangerous.
Hi Customer Care Officer
I am struggling for refund on following orders. Reason for refund: either item was cancelled due to unavailbility or returned as damaged or post order discount.
Here are the list of order - items -> refund amounts:
808526112 - Essential Home Grayson 6 Drawer Chest -> 7.27    
810392159 - Itala Espresso Leatherette Platform Bed - Queen Size -> $35.16
810241232 - Disney Toddler Boy's Cars Athletic Shoe - Grey/Blue -> 10.91
814160617 - Espresso Pub Back Sofa -> $142.5

Following your customer care team from last few weeks. Lots of back and forth emails but no solution. Requesting you to please refund my money asap.


We have been through the complete process - Kenmore Elite dishwasher leaked due to faulty motor, water damage and ultimately mold, monumentally terrible customer service from Sears, and a complete lack of compassion or professionalism as we tried to get the damage fixed. Entire case deflected to Whirlpool...had to claim over $50k in damages through our own insurance.

The sick part of this is that we begged your service department to help and we were treated like garbage. I clearly explained to multiple people that we had an 8-year old daughter with a severe autoimmune disorder and I never even received a "sorry". All we wanted was some guidance from Sears...all we received was lies and horrific customer care.

The case is closed and even through we claimed most of it through insurance, we are out thousands of dollars that will never be recovered. Our two labs have ongoing respiratory issues and we were displaced for over a month.

i wrote multiple letters pleading for some help as we try replace some of the items that ended up being damaged through the process, but all requests have been deflected to Whirlpool. THERE IS NOTHING THEY CAN are our only hope!

i can see why Sears is failing. You have let us down as customers and you have let us down as Americans.

Hey Sears Team

I do not know if this is roght forum to discuss about problem with my first Shopbolt order. I was actually excited that this is a fresh concept and would make Sears in my good books but to be very frank your issues continue here as well. 

Here is email i sent to Shopbolt id and never got response: -

Hey Shopbolt,
I just wanted to share my experience with you. It has been worst one. I was happy that there is a good concept Sears has come up with but to surprise Sears will always be same. My order was processed for Store pick up and got email as expected. But name on order was not what it should have had. Sears rep was not ready to hand over item even i had ID proof coz name was not matching. Could you please advise why my name was not there on the order and monitor displayed for order status while store pick up. 5 Dollar item costed me 30 minutes wait before someone matched Sales order and handed over item. Please fix your system 

Hope you can help me here..
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