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I really cannot beleive that Sears is treating me this way. I purchased a portable AC unit and a 5 year plan June 2014. We had a cool spell and started using it 3 weeks later. About 2 weeks in, it started making a loud noise. Because I was 35 days past purchase, I was told I had to use the warranty plan. I had a tech out 3 times over the summer stating their is a design flaw in the unit. I finally got ahold of Ashley in the Blue Ribbon team who authorized a replacement under my protection plan and said i would get different brand as a replacement unit but with the same features. She recommended that because summer was now over (after having to wait over a week each time for a tech to come out) that I wait until summer 2015 to get the replacement but that everything was documented under my case and gave me her TN and extension to call back when I was ready to get the replacement. I even have an email from her stating all this. I requested her to send it thank goodness because I don't trust Sears. Well, its getting hot out so I called today--apparently, Sears got rid of their executive team. I am now told to call customer solutions who took over the cases and they want me to go through everything again that I already spent HOURS doing last year. It is supposed to be noted and I have an email regarding the replacement but this new team is telling me that because they dont have access to the same notes that the Blue Ribbon team had, and since that group was closed, I now have to write a letter to corporate. I absolutely refuse to do that when it has been in the 90's and I need an air conditioner. I just want my air conditioner replaced with a new comparable featured model as I was promised by Blue Ribbon in December 2014. I really cannot believe that after I was promised all I would need to do is call back with a case number, that now I am being told I have to start all over with this. I need a way to get assistance, not by the new customer solutions team because in the hours i spent on the phone with them this morning, and the supervisor, I can tell they do not have the same level of concern about customers that the blue ribbon did. I need someone to contact me ASAP about this. I am in total disbelief.
This Sears T3000 tractor is a POS.  The left keeper belt that holds the drive belt in place cracked.  This part has virtually no stress on it but cracks.  Also since there is no way for the drive belt to stay wrapped around the front pully so when the keeper cracked it damaged the drive belt.  To Sears credit they were  able to schedule me an appointment.  However in true Sears fashion they screwed up the parts order and all I received is the right keeper belt (and even that was damaged).  Just ordered a new set of keeper belts and drive belt today from the parts department, but they won't come in until June 11.  This time at least I got a confirmation number on the parts.  Kudos to the parts department.  My service is scheduled for June 3.  Sears can't expedite the parts so now I have to wait and use my neighbor's tractor (a John Deere BTW). 
I hate this tractor!  

Around 5/15/2015 we placed a service call for water "leaking" on the sides of the water/ice dispensing area. The water was not emanating from the chute area. Service was scheduled for 5/28/2015. Later that day I decided to look into the dispenser and I noticed heavy black mold (picture 1 called "Original"). We stopped using the ice and water dispenser.
On 5/25/2015 we experienced poor cooling with temperatures ranging from 50 to 65 degrees. Most of the food in the refrigerator was discarded for obvious safety reasons. This is not the first time I have placed a service call about temperature problems (this would be the third or fourth time I think).
5/28/2015 repair arrived.   The tech explained to me that there was not a leak but condensation building up on the inside of the panel that covers solenoids and wires. He told me that condensation was coming from the wire bundle on the left (picture 2, cover removed). The solution is to place putty around the wire bundle. I can see that this would prevent moisture from escaping into the area in question but it does not solve the problem of condensation in the first place. I wonder how much mold is inside the refrigerator that we can not get to?
Parts have been placed on order for the cooling problem (overhead light which contains a sensor. This was replaced earlier as well, and the evaporator cover which also has a sensor). I am getting tired of placing service calls for temperature problems.
For the black mold I was handed 2 parts to clean. The tech tried to clean up the black mold that was still on the refrigerator itself. I asked if he could remove the part that holds the dispensing tube in place. He said that was not removable (I assume the dispensing line is part of that assembly). The last photo shows what I currently have after service (photo entitled "finished").

If one does not get rid of all mold then it will just come back. That is a guarantee. As you can see there is still black mold. I will not be obtaining water or ice from this area anytime soon. Two things need to happen with the mold problem. First the reason there is condensation in the first place needs to be addressed. Second ALL sections of plastic, solenoids, connectors, tubing, etc need to be replaced. There is no way all of the mold will ever be removed! The mold will just keep coming back. Basically the refrigerator is worthless to me at this point. The next service call it to replace the sensors (scheduled 6/5/2015).

I have been using Sears for decades but I am now starting to reconsider. I am not sure that Sears cares about the health and safety of their customers.


Mold before repair

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User-added image
I know a lot of people have discussed how a lot of the Craftsman hand tool line has already begun being made offshore but I some of the old made in USA hand tool inventory appears to still be available.  Who can tell if a 0944490 Craftsman 14 pc. Standard 12 pt. Combination Wrench Set with Deluxe Roll Pouch that is currently being sold on is old inventory that was made in USA?  Are these combination wrench sets made in USA or made elsewhere? (

 I ordered a Green Works Trimmer and the recommened string. However the string isn't the correct ones. I paid more for the spools of replacement strings than the Trimmer.  So where can I order the correct recommended string. ????
Store 1600 indianapolis indiana
date may 27 2015
time 10 am eastern time

Absolute worst experience in a retail store ever today. My real question is what happened to your customer service?
 My first visit was on May 16th 2015. I went in to purchase a new 4k ultra hdtv. I wandered aimelessly in your electronics department for more than 20 minuits and got frustrated so I left.
 Other competitors in the area did not have what I was looking for so on May 18 2015 I went back to sears to try again. Again nobody was around. I finally got an associate to find me some help.I after numerous attempts the order finally went thru. I was told it would arrive in 8 days and I would be contacted. I never got email or a phone call.
On May 26th I went to the store after calling to make sure my tv was there. I picked it up that afternoon and later that night bagan to assemble it when I noticed the screen was badly cracked from shipping or handling. So today May 27th 2015 at 10am this morning I was there for an exchange.
Since they had no other model like it they asked if I would like something else that was comparable. I said fine lets go see my options. The only thing i could possibly use was a 55inch model with a scratched screen on the sales floor demo. I asked if she  being the manage on duty would at least match the price of the one I was about to return for the floor demo which cost about $300 more. She said she would only do 10 percent which is basically tax. Wow. Since I had already invited friends and family over for the weekend that left me little choice. I said lets try it.
I paid over $1000 in cash and credit so I was told the previous purchase had to be refunded. Then I was told the cash part would be sent via mail in the form of a check in 7 to 10 buisness days. And the credit part would go back as well. So I asked why cant you just apply all my money and credit towards the new TV? I was told it was not possible, and if i wanted a new tv today that I had to apply the credit which was available today with the diffrence in cash out of my own pocket. Huh?
Let me sum it up for you viewers. We have your credit, and your cash money, and your broken tv which you will not get back today. You have waited nearly 2 weeks to recive your broken tv. On your 2 previous visits our associates were unaware you were even in the store. You will leave the store with nothing but a promise that your checks in the mail. You were begging us to take your money and we did. Your weekend is ruined. Oh, have a nice day, thanks for shopping at sears.
 This is totally unacceptable. I never though Sears could ever be this bad despite what I have read. I am a manager in retail too and a customer would NEVER leave our store this way. My god Sears. What has happened to you. I have bought computers, tvs, etc from you over the years. What is wrong? 
I found a Sears Best decal on my vintage Craftsman Circular Saw.

The Sears Best tools represented the "top tier" capacity/ quality tool that SEARS/ CRAFTSMAN had to offer.

I'm not sure when the certification started and what year the promotion was dropped.

The current tier of tool quality and cost is the "Good, Better, Best" tiers of Lawn & Garden tools, like the walk-behind gasoline-powered, Craftsman mowers.

Also known as "grey, red, black" machines.

To my recollection, the lowest tier of tools has pretty much always been referred to as "entry-level" tools.

Sears Best saw
I received an email from Sears for the Essential Bartlett table Item # 028W004889629001P Model # SS-161-3TDN for $89.99.  I went to Sears in waldorf.  The rep said the table was not available in the store unless I buy the set.  Neither could I order it in the store.  I ordered the table online but now the table is 99.99.  The sale online also offered free shipping for merchandise of $59.00 but Kmart advices that table is not available to be shipped in my area so it has to be shipped to the store.  Sear/Kmart, you have do better than this.  This is not good service.   My order  number is 821469252. This amounts to poor service and false advertising.
I need email id of Edward Lampert. I want to show him how sears charges more its customer  and then how their customer service treats the client when they point out the error
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