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Why is Sears allowing eBuzz (Eli Bar) to advertise dishonest sale prices and overcharge customers.  Once eBuzz tricks the customer into believing they are making the purchase from Sears; ebuzz placed a purchase order with Walmart at a lower price.  In addition, ebuzz charged $109 for shipping a washer and Walmart ships free over $50.  Ebuzz even went so far to include a fake UPS tracking number and shipping info (see attached).  Clearly Ebuzz is ripping off customers for the shipping fee in addition to overcharging.  When I contacted Sears I was placed on hold, the call seemed to be answered in another country, I couldn't understand the accent, nor could they understand me.   Why does Sears allow random sellers to advertise under the disguise of Sears and rip off customers?  Why is eBuzz using fake UPS shipping numbers? Is there a call center in the U.S.?eBuzz fake UPS shipping number
I just finished restoring an old SEARS - Fulton brand name Jack plane to display quality condition and would like an idea of how old the vintage woodworking tool is.
The Craftsman brand started at SEARS in the later part of 1927.
Fulton and Dunlap brand tools were sold through SEARS before the CRAFTSMAN brand name was purchased by SEARS.
There are not many paper SEARS catalogs left.Fulton brand Jack plane
I have a Kenmore HE washer (laundry) that is 9 years old now. Have had no problem so far but recently, the lights start blinking and there are beeping sounds even when the washer is not being used. Gets quite irritating and there's no way to stop this. I pressed the Cancel button and it stops for some time but then just starts again in a few minutes.

I will call Sears for service but was just wondering if someone here has seen this, and has a quick fix.

- Ajoy
That was a vintage tool!

Can parts, like replacement plane irons still be ordered for the vintage Craftsman tools?vintage Cmn plane
You won't give me an a repair appointment for 3 weeks becuase you want to be sure parts arrive?  I have news for you Sears, this is the 21st century.  You can overnight the parts, you can put the parts on the technician's truck yourself.  And maybe, just maybe, you can try to satisfy a customer.  I can only hope Amazon gets into appliance repair.  They know what customer service is supposed to be like. 

Sears is a Harvard Business School case in how to take a once admired brand to a loathed and mistrusted one.  
I recently purchased a refrigerator which was delivered today (4/30/15). The delivery folks mistakenly dumped a number of the drawers onto the driveway when taking it off the ramp. The also damaged the outer edge of the door (Only cosmetic; but this is a stainless steel finish) by banging it against something. I contacted customer service and was told it would be 7 to 10 days to get just the drawers replaced and 36 days if I want the refrigerator replaced. I escalated my conversation to a "supervisor" which did nothing except waste a bunch of time.  I still can't believe it; but when I hung up I felt like this was my fault.  I am under the impression that I was inconveniencing the folks at  SEARS by asking them to correct the issue. Now, I know SHC is a fortune 500 company.  I know they have ample resources and the reach to fix or make right problems right. I know this because I happen to work for another fortune 500 company (in a different line of business). Now, If the company I work for encounters a customer complaint, regardless if the issue is worth five cents or five million dollars, we are told to move Heaven and Earth in order to make right any problem that we have created. So why is it SEARS cannot seem to either replace the drawers in my fridge (at minimum) or the fridge itself in the next couple of days? I truly don't understand. My wife and I just bought a new home and are in the process of replacing the appliances; can you guess which store I will not be purchasing appliances from in the future?

Please feel free to contact me at ***** (mailto:******** or by cell at ***-***-**** to discuss a resolution.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  I have pictures I can send if you would like to see them.


So I finally got a repairman out here to repair the soap dispenser that has not only been replaced but a new control panel also put in, neither of which has made the soap dispenser work.  He BROKE THE ENTIRE DISHWASHER!  Everything is shorted out electronically now or something - it just beeps and flashes, but doesn't wash. 

I have spent countless hours on the phone being told every reason why Sears can't help me.  Master Protection Agreement people say the technician has to condemn the dishwasher.  Technician says he doesn't have the power to do that.  They won't even schedule a repair appointment until the parts have arrived at my house.  I have never heard of that and believe me I have had numerous service calls!

They are now telling me that the soap dispenser is not a functional part and I have to have a functional part break at least 4 times within 12 months and have 4 SEPARATE service calls for each of those.  So if you have a part break, be sure to get them to come out TWICE. 

Better yet, AVOID SEARS AT ALL COSTS and surely DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A MASTER PROTECTION AGREEMENT.  It is worth the paper it is printed on, no more.

We need to get the contact information for Edward Lampert CEO of Sears to get an issue resolved for my elderly parents who have been dealing with a non-functioning Kenmore Refridgerator for months now.  They have lost food and medications that needed to stay cooled. They have had repeated confrontations with Sears Customer Service and Repair staff who have delayed this process in a number of ways.  They have posted their complaints on social media and have even gone to small claims court to get guidance.  

We would like to inform the CEO of the issues and bring them to light to show that these are common thoughout the organization.  
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