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                Every time I look in my tool boxes I think of my dad, I sure miss him greatly. One of my favorite memories as a kid  was going to Sears on the weekends with my dad to look/buy Craftsman tools, those were good times. After all, we purchased everything from sears. And I mean everything.... Lawnmowers, tools, grills, garden hoses, clothes, camping gear, ping pong table, appliances, and the list goes on. Its no wonder I still buy everything from Sears. The vast majority of my tools and garage equipment is from Sears. Almost everything in my collection is branded Craftsman. I still keep the family tradition alive to this day with my family. Last year we bought a new grill, stove, and a over the range Kenmore Elite unit and we have been loving it. Almost forgot, we buy tires there too! It's just so much stuff!!

                Last Saturday our refrigerator broke so before thinking about it twice we went straight to Sears, we did not even considered going somewhere else. We picked out the fridge we wanted and three days (today) later it arrived. The only problem is that, many hours after the delivery guys left I realized I was missing accessories. After further investigating and some model number comparisons I realized the refrigerator delivered was the wrong model. I called the delivery number and was told the quickest they can replace it was two days from now and to call my local Sears delivery number. Well, call I did and the woman at the other end put the blame on Sears by saying the fridge was packaged incorrectly and that it was not their fault. She said the earliest it could be swapped was two days from today. I told her I was going to check the outer packaging to confirm the information she gave me was accurate. Sure enough the packaging was correct, and she was wrong (she lied). Sears did not make a packaging error. This Sears approved delivery company knowingly delivered the wrong item to me. 

                I went to the store to find out more information and to see if anything else could be done. The sales associate at the store called to escalate the issue and was basically told it's two days from now and that's it. He even told the person on the phone I would cancel the order altogether and that didn't even make a difference to them. I jokingly said to the associate "In other words they are telling me, we can't help you, go buy your appliances somewhere else from now on!" I left the store thinking "my dad would be so disappointed in Sears right now".

                Now I have to take additional time off work plus continue feeding my family with outside food since I cannot keep food in the new refrigerator until the new one arrives and gets prepared. This is out-of-pocket money not planned for originally. I figured I give Sears one more opportunity to make it better, after all, we will need a new dishwasher, washer/dryer, pressure cleaner and water heater sometime soon. I called a different number to make my last attempt. After almost an hour on the phone all Sears could offer is to take 10% the actual line item. Wow, that's stinks! A lifetime of brand loyalty extended over two maybe three generations is worth a few dollars to Sears. What a shame, I really don't want to have to but, my new family tradition might now be changed to shop at a new store. One day my kids will remember me when they use my handed down things and say: "I remember as a kid going shopping at (Home Depot, lowes, Best Buy, etc.) with my dad, it was so cool.  Maybe that's what I need to do, Sears?
RE: Diehard battery. Where did all the mixed reviews go for the Diehard Gold EP-36r (car battery) go? Did the reviews get worse? This battery is about 2-1/2 years old now. All the numbers match. There's just one happy review now. Why? How do we shop with this info gone? Model # 50836. Item # 02850836000P. Same with some other batteries too.
Have a Kenmore Coldspot circa May '99 model 59599990.  Water to icemaker would not shut off, flooding the freezer and then onto kitchen floor so I turned off water supply to fridge.  Have another Coldspot circa Jan '02 model 721321010 using as beer fridge.  Removed icemaker from that and replaced flooding icemaker.  In the process, the connection to the old plastic fill tube disintegrated so I now have a brand new fill tube going into the icemaker.  After plugging fridge in and turning water back on, now no water flows into icemaker.  It cycles around but just never fills.   Is it possible that the 2 icemakers are not compatible or could it be the inlet valve is bed.  FYI - I replaced it 2 years ago for an issue with water dispenser that turned out to be inside the door.  Water dispenser is still working fine.

Hoping this can be a DIY fix since I know the days of this fridge are probably numbered ad would rather not spend several hundred for a tech to fix it.   
I purchased an electric range August 2.  It is a standard electric range, nothing fancy.  The date has been postponed 3 times, now with the scheduled delivery for Aug 31.  It's been nearly a month.  I have called several times with no resolution.  Every Sears representative I've talked to give me no other alternative except to wait or just get my money back.  No cares that I want the Kenmore appliance.  I have been loyal to Sears for all my appliances and begging and pleading to purchase another.  I don't understand.  Please help me.
Good Afternoon,
I am writing to you because my grandmother has recently passed. She was an amazing woman. While talking to my Aunt, she mentioned that my grandmother had petitioned the Sears Company, back then called Sears and Roebuck, to sell black doll babies sometime in the 60s or 70s in Washington DC. It would be of a great help if you find any information concerning this. Thanks!!
Hello,  I am very frustrated as I have a Kenmore Elite dryer model 796.82198900 and it has ruined so many clothes.  The lint filter does not stay properly seated in the housing; it slowly pops up and snags drawstrings, belt loops, straps, and various edges of clothing, creating a tightly tangled mess, often resulting in a trashed garment.  I have seen hundreds of similar posts on this site, some mentioning a recall of the filter and housing, but Sears tech support says no recall exists for my exact model. 

Sears has already replaced my filter once but the problem has continued to happen.  It makes sense that a true repair of this problem would involve a different filter AND housing.  I just want my problem to be fixed and I don't want to sink more money into the dryer, considering the money wasted on so many ruined clothes.

How is Sears going to take care of my problem?
My layaway was cancelled because my payment was1.66 short. By me not having my receipt with me at the time of payment I didn't notice it. A manager took my payment and when I looked at the bottom of the receipt I seen 1.66 and I questioned her about it. She told me that was not my balance and I left the store not realizing this was a past amount due! So the following week I went to pay my balance off and pick up my lawn mower to find out it was cancelled!! The manager was definitely incompetent because she didn't recognize the 1.66 was pass due! I would have paid it had I known! Now I'm being charged 15.00 for the cancellation!!! This is unexceptable and I should be refunded all my money except the 5.00 layaway fee. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN!!!!!!! 
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