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Purchased baby clothes that did not fit Date of purchase 4/9/2016
                                           Refused return/exchange: 5/14/2016  tags intact with original receipt                            

Register refused return/exchange at Sears, Woodfield Mall, IL. I understand if I don't get a refund, but exchanges should be less restricted. What will I do with a $30 baby outfit that was too small, still in original hanger with Sears tags? Sears should have more leniency with returns! Do you think after this very upsetting experience, a costumer like me would be interested in shopping at Sears ever again?
Today, May 27, 2016, a Sears delivery truck (unmarked) entered my retirement community in North Fort Myers, FL, I am a former police officer and I was walking with my wife on the street. We heard the truck coming and I saw that he/she was driving between 30-40 miles per hour based on my law enforcement training and experience. We both signaled that he needed to slow down. The driver did not slow down and in fact sped up in obvious disrespect to us and the others in the community. The speed limit is posted at 20 mph throughout the community. What the driver did was dangerous because there a lot of walkers and golf carts on the streets. Not to mention elderly people driving in their cars. The driver should be found and disiplined if not fired. The delivery was a mattress to a Moore family and the delivery number was 4205383. We called the delivery 800 number and talked to some guy in India, who only spoke broken English. He finally told to me to call the locat Sears Store in North Fort Myers. Please respond. 
Will the Memorial Day double military discount apply to lawn and garden equipment as well as tools?  Also, can the military discount be utilized for online purchased or is it in store only?  Finally, the item I am interested in (riding mower) has a listed sale price, but also gives the option for a non-sales price purchase (incentive is a gift card for difference).  If the military double discount does apply to lawn and garden items, it would help me more to apply the 40% discount to the non-sales price rather than the 10% discount to the sales price.  Would this option be possible?
Hello! I need to get the photo release for 15+ year old photo. Is this possible?
My family had always purchased Sears appliances for our home and enjoyed the reliability and service.  However, in 2013, we bought refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave, washer and dryer for our new kitchen.  The first service issues were with the refrigerator that needed repair within the first year of purchase.  We then had to get our stove top repaired last year.  Now this year the microwave has stopped working.  This is absolutely despicable!!  When we call Sears repair, we are told that we should've had a service contract to cover these repairs.  However, it had always been our experience that Sears product reliability would cover at least the first 5 years of use.  These appliances are failing within the first to third years.  It is extremely unfortunate, but we will never purchase another Sears appliance.
How to get a hold of somebody that has some authority at Sears on getting a refund back

I have a Kenmore HE which is covered under a extended protection warranty.  It developed problems and I have been unable to use it to complete a wash cycle through rinse since mid March.  I have been dealing with multiple service calls - they have replace 3 control panels, and several other parts - there has been 6 visits to my house to try to fix it. It is still doing the same thing.  Last night, the technician finally said it was unrepairable and submitted it  for replacement (something that is part of the protection plan).  This morning, I was told that the request was denied.   One - because he did not call his supervisor from the house before submitting the claim and then 2nd because "there have only been 2 completed service calls"

They have been out at least 6 times to my house - they are saying they should try replacing the control panel again.  Why would this work, when it hasn't worked the last 3 times.

Their idea of compensation for my time lost from work to be there for the service calls, the lack of a washing machine for over 2 months and my frustration is $50 - to go towards using a laundromat -  We do not even have them around where I live.  I have do to laundry at a friends house which Sear's is still making me wait around for the to figure out my washer is non repairable.

They have put more money and time into trying to service this washer that what replacing it would cost.



I have had the worst possible service with Sears. I purchased a mattress less than 2 years ago, it was a Sterns and Foster Lux Estate mattress for $2,500. After a couple of weeks one side of my bed was severely sinking. I can roll from one side to the other and fall into a hole. My weight is not the
issue as I am only 106lbs. When I filed my first claim with Sears it was a terrible experience. The amount of photos you have to send is inconvenient as opposed to a tech coming out to see the defective mattress like in other companies. I opted to do an even exchange as I loved the mattress and was told it was a defect for just that mattress. Once I selected to do an exchange, customer service tried to charge me $69.95 for delivery. Of course I called and conspired as I felt that it was not my fault I had a defective mattress and I would not be paying bills a delivery fee as this was already all a huge stressful experience. Within moments the rep. Waived the delivery fee as she said it was "optional". This was a concern to me as this tells me Sears tries to take advantage of their customers to see who is willing to pay this fee and who is not. After setting up delivery they cancelled on me 3 times and I had to continue rescheduling and taking personal days from work. As an apology Sears provided a $50 gift card, I was originally offered $10. Today I had called for my second approved claim. My mattress had the same defect and I now have to chose a different mattress since my original mattress is now discontinued due to defects. What a surprise? With that being said the new mattress I selected is a bit less and I already have to take a hit in the price difference when I now would have overpaid for the new mattress I want to exchange for. I have again contacted the mattress claim customer service and asked for the delivery fee to be waived again. They told me this is impossible to do as it is not covered by the warranty. I explained to them that I understood the warranty but I also know Sears as a company can waive the mattress fee because it has been done before. I spoke with Laura, Courtney and Ericka who have all been dishonest with me and unhelpful. Laura had a terrible attitude, Courtney hung up on me when I asked to speak to her "manager" who she had been speaking back and forth with and Ericka told me that they were all Exective Management in the mattress department and that there was no one else that would help me. Again I am digusted in the service I have received and I will not stop contacting everyone in every form possible for it to be heard. I have already told all of my colleagues and friends about this experience and Sears will continue to have a growing poor reputation. I  am hoping this forum would be of help.
Hello, I want to complain about the very UNPROFESSIONAL way you guys handle shipping and returns from your on-line store. On May 8th 2016 I ordered some rear tires for my Craftman lawn mower. I had previously ordered the front tires and that took forever to get there but at least they were the right part. On May 15th, 2016, after waiting over a week for the delivery (when I was told I had free 2day shipping) I called the toll free number. After being directed to three differrent people I was able to enquire about my order, I was told by the associate that according to my tracking number they "will be there when you get home." well they weren't. So on the 16th of May I called back and having spent almost thirty minutes on hold I was directedmto a very rude individual who informed me that they wouldnt be delivered till the 20th. When I asked why I had been told that they would be there on the 15th she said there was "no way" that I could have been told that. When I asked if she was calling me a liar, she stated that that was up to my interpritation but that the tracking number said the 20th. I told this person that I was a little upset about this and that I wouldn't be buying anything from Sears again. Her response was "well have a good day" and hung up on me. When the 20th rolled around they still weren't there and when I awoke on the 21st they finally arived. On the 23rd I went out to install them and I had received the wrong order. They had sent me the front tires again. After almost an hour of being on hold and re-directed so many times I lost count, I finally reached a person in the order department. I repeated my story to her and Iwas told that they could fix it and send me the right parts. ( not one sorry in the whole bunch) when I said that would be fine she asked for my credit card number. I asked why they needed it and I was told that I would have to purchase the right tires again and that when I returned the others I would get a credit. Longer story made short I asked for a manager and after 3 different excuses and 30 minutes on hold i finally was directed to Mr.Josh employee # 410524 who argued with me about paying for something I had already paid for and received the wrong parts due to their error, not mine, and had waited well over the 2day shipping I was told I had in the first place. I continued to argue with him and he finally agreed to waive the cost of the 2day shipping but said I had to pay for them and that once they received the parts they had shipped me back then they would send them out. I was pissed by this time and had let some not so proud words enter the conversation. When I informed him i wanted a refund he said I could get one as soon as their parts were returned. I hung up. I followed the emailed instructions to print out the return label and to add insult to injury, they aren't going to credit me the shipping costs I paid in the first place.
I have NEVER had such an experience with a company before especially when it was their error. Once I get my money back, or parts, I WILL NEVER be shopping at Sears again. I will sell off all the Craftsman equipment I have to ensure that I do not have to. I Have also been telling everyone I know about this incident and quite a few have said they will never shop there again either. This was a joke!!!!
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