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Our water heater was leaking a little bit, after waiting two weeks for Sears to come out it is now leaking more on my floor!! The technician called the wrong number so we missed him.  After several phone calls and not getting anywhere we have to wait another two weeks!! Not acceptable!! We have to shut our water off now!  After this we probably won't buy anything from Sears!! 
I bought a new furnace and A/C, a water heater and a cooktop and also installation on all of them. Everything was suppose to be installed this week and next but nothing can be started until the furnace is in and the gas meter hooked up. Been waiting for the installer to get bacl to me so he can do the installation but he says he has to get all his other small jobs done before he starts mine. It's been a week now and haven't heard a thing. If this goes on for a few more days I will cancel everything and ask for a total refund of $15,000.00. How about that Sears? Any comments?
I have a Lawn Tractor Model 917.28852.  21HP 46" deck.  Purchased on August 30, 2011.  Date stamped on the label for Manufacturing is June 15 2011.  The frame snapped through the bolt holes on both sides where the transmission attaches.  The tab is highlighted in the image below.   Per the owners manual the frame is covered under a five year warranty.  2nd image.  In January I called to schedule an appointment and they said that they would be able to send a technician at no charge to make the diagnostic since it would be covered under warranty.  We had a large snowstorm on the east coast the week they were supposed to arrive and we were unable to reschedule.  

I just tried to call again and the lady on the phone basically said it would be $110.00 to have the tech come out and even check the item.  Why in the world do I need to pay to have someone verify a warranty???

I have a chain of e-mails detailing the experience from beginning till today. I purchased a gas range from Sears Outlet that had a stain on the top left side of it but was otherwise fine, according to the store manager, Mike. After a delivery fiasco that caused my wife and I to lose 2 vacation days from work, I finally was able to get my mother to meet the delivery truck since they only apparently deliver between 10am and 12pm and give you 15 hours notice, not to mention not being able to schedule the delivery, but forced to take the delivery date that an automated machine spits out, like it or not. Anyway, my mother took delivery and called me saying the range had arrived and I told her to have the men put it in the garage as my wife and I were out of town until Sunday(this was a Thursday). I had the gas company scheduled to install and tank and run lines in order to hook up the range on Monday. When I returned I realized that the range was missing a griddle, a temp probe, and a wok grate. On top of that, it had been scratched and dented during the delivery, as it was not wrapped or packed in anything at all. Disappointed I have been e-mailing and calling Sears on a daily basis since, only to be told someone will contact me within the day and no one ever calls. My e-mails also fall on dead ears. It's hard to elieve a company as large as Sears has resorted to scamming customers....Please tell me there is someone at Sears that is able to change out, refund, or replace this range in my garage. I spent almost $1900 only to receive a damaged range with missing parts......I am being forced into filing a complaint in small claims court and am even considering a lawsuit since I have no recourse and have sacrificed work time, vacation days, delaying my kitchen renovation, and lots of wasted time and frustration. I am here as a last resort......if there is a manager somewhere who cares, please have them contact me. I am a reasonable, calm person. 
I did a product review after receiving an email dated March 25, 2016, offering me 2,500 points to review a product I had purchased.  I have not received the points as of May 5, 2016. 
A few years ago I boutght a Craftsman GT7400, a $3,500 mower. Simple enough. Went to order parts, nevermind, not simple. Nothing but problems courtesy of Sears and Sears Parts direct "customer service>"

First issue:
Ordered belts for my mower direct from Sears Parts, and I paid double the cost so that I would get brand new OEM packaged parts, which was what the picture showed online. Got two generic belts in a huge box, no packaging, I could've ordered bulk unpackaged parts tons of other places for way cheaper. I called Sears to complain, and surprise, the "customer service" rep was no help. The only option I was given was to return the parts for a refund. Hmmm...wait even more time for new parts, or *** it up and keep the over price bulk parts??? Kept the belts and moved on, intended not to order parts again from Sears.

Second issue:
Ordered blades off a different website using the provided part number under the hood. Received the blades, went to install them about a month later, only to find out the part number under the hood was completely incorrect so the blade I ordered were wrong. More time and money wasted.

Third issue:
End of April I went to my local mower repair shop to order new mower blades and quick-release caps. After a week or so, they let me know the parts are on back-order and that it would take weeks to get them. I looked on, found the parts, check the pricing, and called and spoke with a Sears phone rep to check part numbers and see how long shipping would take.

I verified part numbers for new blades (581101101) and plastic quick-release caps (586638501) and just decided to order them over the phone with "John," the rep on the phone. When it came time to pay, the total he quoted me was significantly higher than my total on I verified the prices and discounts with John, the blade was correct $34.12 each, but the pricing he had for the caps was higher. I was seeing ~$10.91 per cap on your website, and he was telling me $22.71. John looked on your website and verified the price I was saying was correct, then talked with a supervisor, and then he adjusted the price of the caps, and then applied the additional 15% discount. Shipping times were much better. During the order my call got dropped, but John called me back, no problem. I ordered 3each, caps and blades, and paid. Easy enough. There was absolutely no question that I ordered 3 blades and 3 cap assemblies, and that the price was being adjusted, and that I was getting the additional discount. The price was correct and my credit card was charged seemingly correctly. No email confirmation was sent like I requested, no itemized invoice received, but no biggie. Then I canceled my other order thought the local mower shop.

Yesterday I got the parts in the mail, only to find that I received 2 blades instead of 3. I called Sears Parts last night to sort it out, and the care center was closed. Called first thing this morning around 7am, and that's when all of my big problems started. The first lady I talked to, I think "Alisha," mega attitude and totally unhelpful. She told me I only ordered 2 blades, basically it was my fault. I got off the phone and called right back because your services reps helpful-ness is always hit or miss. The second lady, "Renee," super nice, looked into the issue and helped me order another blade with some discounts so I wouldn't be paying a ton extra with shipping costs and all that to order one new full priced blade. Cool, blade on the way with expedited shipping, life goes on.

I had a thought and double checked my credit card statement to see what I was charged for, and sure enough, I WAS originally charged the price of 3 blades and 3 caps. I called back again because why was I paying another ~$40 to order a third blade, when I already paid for three and only got 2 in the mail? "Theresa" I think it was answered the phone, told me I only ordered 2 blades and 3 caps. She told me she would research the original call, etc to verify the price. I was having phone issues and asked her if she could call me back, and she told me I had to call back. Whatever, fine. I called back AGAIN and "Stephanie" answered the phone. She confirmed John only ordered 2 blades and 3 caps, but the price I was charged for the caps was in fact $22.71, not the ~$10.91 price I was supposed to be paying when I originally talked to John. It just so happens that the difference in pricing (~$11.00 each) times three caps is about $36, almost exactly the same price as the missing lawnmower blade, so the price of the original order looked normal. We went back and forth, me trying to get her to understand what had happened. Her guess was that when John placed the original order, when he added the 15% discount on top of the adjusted cap price, the adjusted cap price defaulted to the full price of $22.71 each. Stephanie told me there was nothing she could do because of your processes or whatever, and her only option was to refund $14 for some reason, I still don't understand the logic, but she was nice. After wasting hours on the phone, I gave up, and vowed never ever ever again will II buy Craftsman, Sears, Kenmore, or parts from you guys again.

I just want to you to know, I will never buy anything again that you guys make, EVER. I will make sure every single person I know hear how horrible and time consuming its been trying to order new parts through you guys. I was so nice and understanding with all of your care reps, and at the end of the day, my issue is still unresolved and I wasted even wayyyy more time writing this email and got nowhere. Time taken from my family, work, and other obligations, and frustration and anger, this is unreal. Your care reps are hit or miss, half of them rude and difficult, and made me feel like I had to prove to them that what I was saying was true. They have no power to make decisions on their own, or help the customer get their problem resolved. You website doesn't give me an option to easily get my complaints escalated without having to login and search questions in order to do this confusing "community" online thing. This stupid blade probably cost Sears $2 to get stamped at some sweat shop in China, but was willing to spend a few hundred dollars in customer service reps' wasted time, and costing me hours of my life and stress that I'll never get back. Any other company would've immediately sent me a new blade no charge with free expedited shipping, so I'll take my money elsewhere, rather than dealing with this Sears soap opra one more time.

Please give me the contact information, telephone number, and email address; I want to email that person immediately.
Service Order:  0007108  43191743
We have been loyal Sears customers for thirty years, add growing up with our parents also being loyal customers, and were talking more like seventy plus years.  Specifically, we have been loyal Sears appliance purchasers.  However, we have recently been subjected to poor appliances, poor repair service, and some atrocious customer service that is stealing our valuable time.  Now we are being hounded for monies we neither agreed too, nor authorized.
I contacted Sears home services mid-March to repair my washing machine under warranty. Technician came on March 30th to tell me he does not know anything about washers and someone else will stop by later same day with 30 min call ahead. The second technician called me from the front door and said he does not need to look at the machine, he is ordering parts and scheduling another appointment for April 16th.

On April 16th a different technician showed up. The parts have never arrived but instead Sears records show them as already installed. The second technician called his office, explained the problem, ordered different parts, scheduled appointment for April 30th and left again without touching the washer.

This time the parts arrived before the appointment date. On April 30th the same technician showed up, called the office, explain the problem, ordered another part, did not install the part which has already arrived, scheduled another appointment for May 31 (the earliest available) and left without touching the washer.

All this means that first attempt to actually repair my washer will be (hopefully) done on May 31st, 2 months after the first visit and almost 2 and a half month after initial repair request.

All calls to Sears customer service to reschedule May 31st appointment to the earlier date were unsuccessful, the representatives apologized but were not able to change the appointment date.

This is totally unacceptable performance of Sears services department.
Is there anyone who can help to finally repair my washer?
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