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On Tuesday,8/16, my granddaughter who was visiting smelled gas. She was so insistent that I called gas co. And they were here in a few minutes. Report was loose oven control valve causing gas to leak to broiler.  He turned gas off and told me to call repairman. Fix It appliance came next day's check and tighten gas valve and to tell me I needed a new oven control, valve which he had to order.  He returned on 8/24, replaced part and said it was good to go.  First repair call was $94.16, second visit $166.92 fora total of $261.08.  This kenmore stove is only 14 months old and repair man told me this was  a factory boo boo.  Have been to Sears store twice to discuss this with mgr. (Manny) at Freehold mall who is never there.  Will try again on Monday 8/29.  Disappointed in the quality of your products and your service.  Sears was always my go to place. It is now my " gone" place.  I live in a adult community where all of the residents share recommendations with each other, so it's not just one customer you are losing. Hope to hear from u.
I have been a loyal customer for Sears for years - buying all my large appliances, my glasses, having major auto repairs plus other purchases such a tools, but my Sears Store in Rochester Minnesota was closed down and there is not another Sears near to me for 90 miles so I mainly do things online.
I made a huge effort to still get my latest glasses from Sears so when I passed through Chicago (because I did not feel comfortable for except in person transaction this past March I went to Sears Optical and ordered a pair regular prescription glasses and a pair of sun glasses with a new prescription from an opthamologist.  I charged them on my Sears Credit card. They were sent to me in the mail and for 5 months I have thought I could not see and it was because my eyes were getting bad with old age. Out of frustration I ordered a pair of prescription glasses online with the same prescription from the opthamologist and when they came day before yesterday I could see perfectly. This let me know that the two pairs of Sears glasses were not OK or acceptable.
I have suffered and struggled for 5 months with not being able to see and I want a refund on my card.
I have engaged in a very unpleasant and unacceptable exchange with corporate Customer Solutions today.  I have gone out of my way to continue to be a loyal Sears customer even though there is not store in my city anymore. I am expecting better treatment than I have received so far on this issue. I am hoping that Sears will not let me down as I have never had a complaint previously with Sears products or service. Thanking you -Bette Ensign
Kenmore 106.51133210

It stopped working with ice still in the tray. I thought it was probably the module (motor) so I replaced it. Then I realized the ice maker is not getting power at all. The optical sensor is getting power and seems to be working correctly. But the harness going to the module is not active. I tested the icemaker door switch for continuity and it is fine, but it doesn't seem to be getting power either. Is there a fuse somewhere on the back of the fridge or something? The other door switch that controls the light in the freezer works fine... Help!
"Sears does not put their customers first".  I have evidence that's true.

My new Kenmore dishwasher has broken for the second time.  The next available repair window is 12 days?!  Either their products are so bad that they cannot keep up with repair demand, or they have intentially not staffed their service department adequately.  Either way, this is eveidence they care more about their convenience than customers.  

So I wait 12 days and the day of, service person calls and says he will not make it.  So I get rescheduled for the **next available appointment** in 3 weeks?!?!  WTF?  So I wait patiently to get to the front of the line, and because _they_ do not show up, I get put at the end of the line again?  Who does this?!  I can tell you I will not be buying anything from Sears again.   So if I purchase a product from Sears, to get repair service I have to wait 5 weeks!!  Why would anyone buy a product from Sears again?  

I call SearsHomeServices and they are mindless drones.  "I'm sorry sir our system cannot change your appointment".  

Clearly they care more about their system than customers.  What other industry has this policy?  

Please let me know how to complain directly to Sears executive management.
 I have a rusted bleach dispenser on my Kenmore elite top loading automatic washer model number 796. 2900 #.ItWasPurchasedInJuly2012ButTheRustingBegan 
On the verge of contacting the BBB or the local news. Have been out of fridge for two and a half months. Very un accommodating with appointments, you call the "emergency line to schedule an appointment, and no one comes out for days. Very rude customer service reps. I am at my wits end. This is a refrigerator , not some other small appliance. We have been living out of coolers since June 9th. I have lost breast milk, and hundreds of dollars of food. They told me I'm only eligible for $300 of groceries and I have exceeded that. They have no heart or soul and don't care about positive customer satisfactions. I will never recommend them to anyone.  I need guidance for my next step. On top of it breaking, we had to sell our home and had to buy the new owners a new fridge, so now we are out two refrigerators. Please help me with who to contact. 
I placed an order on 8/7/16.  I called within one minute of submitting to cancel as the promised SYWR points did not get rewarded for the order placed.  I spoke with a customer assoc. who told me the order was cancelled.  On 8/8/16, I got a shipping notice for the same order.  I called again, and was told 'sorry - you can easily return.  Item arrived, box unopened and I began the return process.  Because I wanted my refund fast, I chose to return in store.  I got an online Return Auth. which suggested I print, take to pick-up area and scan.  I did so and out came a store associate who has always been rude - the reason I stopped shopping online for in-store pick-up.

He is always more worried about the 5 minute guarantee than the customer.  Must affect his pay/bonus/job.  He always turns the clock off when he comes out to get the paperwork instead of when he has actually delivered the product to me.  But - he is so rude, I just get my stuff and go.

Anyways, acting as if I am stupic, he tells me I have to go to a register.  Mind you, the RA suggests go to order pick-up, scan the RA and I'll be done in 5 minutes.  I show him the paper, and he tells me I am wrong.  I am following the directions as written on the form, Option 2.

So, I take the box and the RA to a register where there are 2 associates.  One is helping another employee and the other is counting change.....into and out of the drawer, never acknowledging that a customer is waiting.  Keep in mind, I've now been there for 15 minutes and it's only 10:20 and there are only 4 cars IN THE ENTIRE PARKING LOT....

The first associate finishes with the customer in front of me, and then asks if he can help me.  I tell him I need to return an online order.  He says, "Have you even paid for it?"  Needless to say, I am not sure what to think of this question but am a bit put off.  So, I said, Yes - I need to return an online order that was paid for before it was shipped."  This associate now says, "GIVE ME A BREAK LADY!!"  Needless to say, I felt attacked and sort of threatened  -  BY A STORE ASSOCIATE...

I said, "Nevermind - and took the paperwork and the package and left as quickly as I could get out the door."  I was shaking and mortified by this experience.  Keep in mind, I've already placed 2 phone calls and spent time online for the RA.  I've now wasted gas and more time trying to return an item that I was told was cancelled.

I used my mobile to contact CS via phone.  A medium wait for a live person (very painful menu options) and explain my situation.  She then transfers me because I am in the parts return area instead of retail return area.  After an another medium wait, an associate comes on the line.  She can't find the order by the RA # (what the heck) and struggles to find the order at all.  Finally finds it, and says that she'll email me a shipping label.  Well - then there is an issue and my return - that one which was to be easy ------ sits here still because a special team has to create my return label.

What a nightmare.  It's one thing that online and retail are different systems/processes/etc., but it's another thing to attack a customer who just wants to return something.  There is no love lost in my area (Overland Park KS store) between online and in-store.  This is not the first time an easy return has transpired into a multi-hour event with in-store cussing about on-line.

Needless to say, my intent was to return this item and shop for appliances.  I will NEVER, EVER, EVER go into a Sears store again.  I've tried to help keep them in business as an American store but the lack of professionalism in store and rudeness/harassment is too much.  I am fortunate to live in an area with many choices and Sears has forever lost my business.  

Get your stuff together or just close down already.  I have been treated with more respect by people who don't even like me...
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